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The city of Silvermoon was founded by the exiled Highborne under the leadership of Dath'Remar Sunstrider, who had travelled to the northern forests of Lordaeron seeking a new homeland thousands of years ago. Using a stolen vial from the Well of Eternity, Dath'Remar created the sacred Sunwell, a fount of arcane power that would be inherently tied to his people for generations to come. He led the Highborne in the magical construction of their new capital, raising its spires and buildings with their great magical power. The city was constructed primarily out of white stone and living plants in the style of the ancient kaldorei empire and interwoven with the natural topography of the landscape. The Highborne, now calling themselves thehigh elves, thus founded the kingdom of Quel'Thalas, with Silvermoon City as its crowning jewel. The country was enchanted to remain in a state of perpetual springtime. Silvermoon itself was constructed over the site of sacred troll grounds, which earned the elves further enmity from the neighbouring Amani tribe.[4] Ruled by the Sunstrider Dynasty and the Convocation of Silvermoon (the highest elven lords in Quel'Thalas), the ruling body of the high elves was also based here. Silvermoon became renowned for its grand libraries and seats of magical learning.

Strengthened by a Sunwell-empowered shield named Ban'dinoriel ("Gatekeeper" in Thalassian) which interconnected at ley lines throughout the land, Silvermoon was well-protected from would-be invaders. The elves constructed all manners of arcane indulgences over the years, including runestones to protect their lands, crystals to power their experimentations,[5] and brooms that constantly sweep their streets, which would be useful if anyone could figure out how to make them stop.[6]

Silvermoon City stood strong for millennia in the face of several conflicts within Quel'Thalas. The Troll Wars, perpetrated by the vengeful Amani empire (whom the high elves had banished after their exodus to Quel'Thalas), was among the first. Silvermoon established a long-lasting friendship with Dalaran after the war's climax, which lasted for over 2,000 years.[7] Due to their considerable lifespans, it was not uncommon for elves to study magic in Dalaran as well as Silvermoon (some elves claim to have spent several human lifetimes in service to both), though the reverse was less true: Silvermoon gained a reputation for isolationism over the years, a consensus emerging among many high elves that exposing the humans to magic was a mistake to begin with.[8]

From its founding to the Third War (a period of roughly 7,000 years),[9] Silvermoon had never fallen.[10]

Second War

During the Second War, the Amani entered into an alliance with the Old Horde, on the condition that the orcs help displace the elves from Quel'Thalas. Silvermoon itself was left relatively unscathed thanks to Ban'dinoriel, which erected a magical barrier over the city making it impervious to the Horde's dragon fire, though the trolls launched a heavy offensive into Eversong and in some cases came close to the capital. The city also had the protection the runestones provided, whose mysteries proved difficult even for the practiced orc warlocks to decipher. The Amani had spent many years trying to torture information regarding the runestones out of captured elves in the hope of using them to subvert Silvermoon's defenses, to no avail.

King Anasterian held court in Sunstrider Spire, the stage where he and the Convocation swore to end the Amani remnants once and for all. Furthermore, Anasterian reluctantly pledged Silvermoon's strength to the Alliance of Lordaeron, due in part to Lord Anduin Lothar collecting on the debt Anasterian owed his bloodline from the Troll Wars. With the aid of Alliance forces, the elves pushed the invaders back from Silvermoon and successfully dispersed the orcs and Amani.

Despite this victory, the high elves and their allies entered into a period of mutual coldness after the war's end.[11] Seeing little value in remaining part of the Alliance (and reasoning that the Alliance needed his people more than his people needed the Alliance), Anasterian seceded his nation on the grounds of poor leadership on the humans' end, which he claimed led to unnecessary violence within his borders.[12] Silvermoon thus went back into seclusion, its people issued with edicts to enforce this withdrawal.[13]

Third War

Silvermoon remained relatively peaceful for years following the Second War, though this was not to last. Named the Scourge, a massive undead army under the command of Arthas Menethil, fresh from laying Lordaeron to waste, marched to Quel'Thalas in order to defile the Sunwell. After tearing through Eversong and overcoming the Farstriders' attempts to hold back his advance, Arthas and his armies reached Silvermoon, and demanded the elves open their gates and allow him passage. Refusing to surrender, Silvermoon's defenders rallied under the command of Grand Magister Belo'vir, who took over the defense of Silvermoon in the fallen ranger-general Sylvanas Windrunner's place. The archers, magi, priests, and dragonhawks did what they could to ward off the undead, though they were faced with impossible odds. With the help of the great traitor Dar'Khan Drathir, Arthas successfully dispelled Ban'dinoriel and left Silvermoon vulnerable to attack. Knowing the city would not hold for much longer, Belo'vir had Archmage Rommathevacuate as many civilians as he could, and the remaining soldiers left to make a stand with King Anasterian and the bulk of the Magisters on theIsle of Quel'Danas.

Silvermoon fell soon after their departure. The city was sacked, overrun with undead, and set ablaze. Its fires and smoke could be seen from Quel'Danas.

Arthas succeeded in his goal, defiling the Sunwell and bringing forth the lich Kel'Thuzad from its tainted remains. With no more reason to linger, he left Quel'Thalas in ruins, leaving behind large pockets of undead with an undead Dar'Khan for a commander. The war's outcome was devastating: 90% of the high elves had been slain, including King Anasteriasn, Belo'vir, Sylvanas, and the entire Convocation. Ranger Lord Lor'themar Theron gathered as many survivors as he could, and took over part of Silvermoon (The Bazaar) to serve as a point of congregation for others who had survived the attack. Rommath also soon returned to search for the living, clearing out groups of Scourge with his powerful magics.

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Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Ruins of Orb of Translocation
B Trade Quarter Undercity Commendations (Officer Gothena)
C Trade Quarter Weapons Merchant (Gordon Wendham)
(North West 1) Weapons Merchant (Louis Warren)
D Trade Quarter Heavy Armor Merchant (Timothy Weldon) NPC ¨C Velora Nitely
(North West 2) Heavy Armor Merchant (Walter Ellingson)
E Trade Quarter Light Armor Merchant (Lauren Newcomb)
(North West 3) Trade Supplies (Daniel Bartlett)
F Trade Quarter Innkeeper (Innkeeper Norman) Mailbox
(North East 1) Stable Master (Anya Maulray)
G Trade Quarter Reagents Vendor (Thomas Mordan)
(North East 2)
H Trade Quarter Barber (Naznik Sureshave)
(South East 1)
I Trade Quarter General Goods (Eleanor Rusk)
(South East 2)
J Trade Quarter Trade Goods (Felicia Doan)
(South West 1)
K Trade Quarter Bat Handler (Michael Garrett)
(South West 2)
L Trade Quarter Bankers x 4
M Trade Quarter Cooking Supplies (Ronald Burch) Cooking Trainer (Eunice Burch)
(Lower West)
N Trade Quarter Undercity Census (Royal Overseer Bauhaus) Guild Master (Christopher Drakul)
(Lower East) Guild Tabard Designer (Edward Remington) Tabard Vendor (Merrill Pleasance)
O Trade Quarter Cockroach Vendor (Jeremiah Payson)
(Lower Inner East)
P Undercity Auctioneer Epitwee
Q Undercity Auctioneer Leeka
R Undercity Auctioneer Stockton
S Undercity Auctioneer Yarly
T Undercity Auctioneer Cain
U Undercity Auctioneer Naxxremis
V Undercity Auctioneer Tricket
W Undercity Auctioneer Rhyker
X The Apothecarium Herbalism Supplies (Katrina Alliestar) Herbalism Trainer (Martha Alliestar)
Y The Apothecarium Blue Moon Odds & Ends (Alessandro Luca)
(North East)
Z The Apothecarium Inscription Supplies (Ickabod Pimlen) Inscription Trainer (Margaux Parchley)
(South East 1)
2 The Apothecarium Enchanting Supplies (Thaddeus Webb) Enchanting Trainer (Lavinia Crowe)
(South East 2)
3 The Apothecarium Alchemy Supplies (Algernon) Andron Gant (NPC)
4 The Apothecarium Chemist Fuely (NPC) Alchemy Trainer (Dr. Herbert Halsey)
(South West 1) Theodore Griffs (NPC)
5 Rogues¡¯ Quarter Engineering Supplies (Elizabeth Van Talen) Engineering Trainer (Franklin Lloyd)
(South West) Lucian Fenner (NPC) Forge
Estelle Gendry (NPC)
6 Rogues¡¯ Quarter Mennet Carkad (NPC) Rogue Trainer (Carolyn Ward)
(Central) Rogue Trainer (Gregory Charles)
Rogue Trainer (Miles Dexter)
7 Rogues¡¯ Quarter Gothard Winslow (NPC) Cedric Stumpel (NPC)
(North East) Locksmith (Walter Soref)
8 Rogues¡¯ Quarter Thrown Weapons Merchant (N. Steenwick)
(North) Blade Merchant (Charles Seaton)
9 Rogues¡¯ Quarter Poison Supplies (Ezekiel Graves)
(North 2)
10 Rogues¡¯ Quarter First Aid Trainer (Mary Edras)
(North West)
11 Rogues¡¯ Quarter Leather Armor Merchant (Gillian Moore) Leatherworking Trainer (Arthur Moore)
(North West 2) Leatherworking Supplies (Joseph Moore) Skinning Trainer (Killian Hagey)
12 Rogues¡¯ Quarter Bag Vendor (Jonathan Chambers)
(North West 3)
13 Magic Quarter Book Dealer (Salazar Bloch)
(South West)
14 Magic Quarter Jorah Annison (NPC) Seeker Thompson (NPC) (moving)
(South West 2) Fungus Vendor (Morley Bates) (mobile)
15 Magic Quarter Andrew Brownell (NPC) Oran Snakewrithe (NPC)
(West) Samantha Shackleton (NPC)
16 Magic Quarter Horde Cloth Quartermaster (Ralston Farnsley) Tailoring Trainer (Josef Gregorian)
(North West) Tailoring Supplies (Millie Gregorian)
Cloth Armor Merchant (Sheldon Von Croy)
17 Magic Quarter Staff Merchant (Sydney Upton)
(North) Wand Vendor (Zane Bradford)
18 Magic Quarter Fishing Supplies (Elizabeth Cromwell) Fishing Trainer (Armand Cromwell)
19 Magic Quarter Master Shadoweave Tailor (Josephine Lister)
(East) Carendin Halgar (NPC)
20 Magic Quarter Relics (Silas Zimmer)
(North East)
21 Magic Quarter Reagents Vendor (Hannah Akeley)
(North East 2)
22 Magic Quarter Victor Bartholomew (NPC) Winifred Kerwin (NPC)
(North) Jezelle Pruitt (NPC) Adrian Bartlett (NPC)
23 Magic Quarter Mage Trainer (Anastasia Hartwell)
(North 2)
24 Magic Quarter Portal Trainer (Lexington Mortaim)
(North 3) Bethor Iceshard (NPC)
25 Magic Quarter Warlock Trainer (Richard Kerwin)
(North 4)
26 Magic Quarter Godrick Farsan (NPC) Mage Trainer (Kaelystia Hatebringer)
(North 5) (D) Martha Strain (NPC) Mage Trainer (Pierce Shackleton)
Warlock Trainer (Luther Pickman)
Warlock Trainer (Kaal Soulreaper)
27 War Quarter Training Dummies Mage Trainer (Derek the Undying)
28 War Quarter Priest Trainer (Father Lankester)
(North) Priest Trainer (Aelthalyste)
Priest Trainer (Father Lazarus)
Warrior Trainer (Baltus Fowler)
Warrior Trainer (Angela Curthas)
Warrior Trainer (Christoph Walker)
29 War Quarter Sergeant Rutger (NPC) Alyssa Blaye (NPC)
(South West) Sergeant Houser (NPC) Eldin Partridge (NPC)
Travist Bosk (NPC)
30 War Quarter Brother Malach (NPC) Marla Fowler (NPC)
(Central East) Lysta Bancroft (NPC) Chloe Curthas (NPC)
Edward (NPC) Riley Walker (NPC)
Andrew Hartwell (NPC) Robert Gossom (NPC)
Richard Van Brunt (NPC)
31 War Quarter Gerard Abernathy (NPC) Edrick Killian (NPC) (mobile)
(South) Joanna Whitehall (NPC) Mattie Alred (NPC) (mobile)
Leona Tharpe (NPC)
32 War Quarter Bow Merchant (Abigail Sawyer) Mining Trainer (Brom Killian)
(South 2) Mining Supplies (Sarah Killian)
33 War Quarter Weapon Merchant (Francis Eliot) Weapon Master (Archibald)
(East) Weapon Merchant (Geoffrey Hartwell)
Weapon Merchant (Benijah Fenner)
34 War Quarter Heavy Armor Merchant (Mirelle Tremayne) Blacksmithing Trainer (James Van Brunt)
(North East) Blacksmithing Supplies (Samuel Van Brunt) Forge
35 War Quarter Gun Merchant (Nicholas Atwood) Seeker Nahr (NPC) (Mobile)
(North East) Helena Atwood (NPC)