Wow Silvermoon City Geography

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The inhabited half of the city is arranged into separate but linked areas that each carry a unique feel.

  • The Shepherd's Gate (main gate)
  • Walk of Elders (area just beyond main gate)
  • The Bazaar (large trade area northwest of Walk of Elders)
  • The Royal Exchange (second large trade area northeast of Walk of Elders)
  • Murder Row (seedy area north of Walk of Elders)
    • The Sanctum (Warlock guild)
  • Farstriders' Square (military district north of The Royal Exchange)
  • Court of the Sun (royal district beyond Murder Row and The Royal Exchange)
    • Sunfury Spire (the royal palace)
      • Inner Sanctum (Undercity teleport beyond the throne room)

Points of interest

The following points of interest are to be found in Silvermoon City:

  • Two banks
  • Two auction houses
  • Two inns
  • 10 mailboxes
  • The flight master can be found outside the city gates
  • An Orb of Translocation (found in the Inner Sanctum, Sunfury Spire), allowing instant teleportation to Undercity.

Notable characters

Lor'themar Theron is the Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas in the absence of Prince Kael'thas and current leader of the blood elves on Azeroth. Since patch 2.4, with Kael'thas betrayal becoming public, he is no longer under Kael'thas command¡­ nor anyone's command, being a "temporary" leader for all blood elves.

Halduron Brightwing is Silvermoon's new Ranger-General, and is the blood elves' military commander on Azeroth. Grand Magister Rommath is the leader of all blood elf magi on Azeroth, and is a fiercely loyal servant to Kael'thas.

M'uru is the Naaru that the blood elves captured and was the source of the blood knight's power in the Light. He could previously be found beneath the paladin trainers area, where it was watched over by Magister Astalor Bloodsworn, who is behind the idea, and Lady Liadrin, who volunteered to be the first ever blood knight.

Since 2.4, M'uru has been kidnapped and taken to the Sunwell Plateau where he serves as a 25-man raid boss, and Liadrin is no longer present, instead appearing in a periodic dialogue scene that occurs in Shattrath with A'dal.

Another quite obvious and yet unknown character is Champion Vranesh. Originally seen patrolling the city streets atop an epic Charger mount, though the NPC was only level 20, he has recently been updated to level 60. His favorite pastime is to critique the city guards. Who he is and how exactly he obtained his title is unknown.