Wow Skyhold Quests

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Skyhold is a portion of the Halls of Valor (sometimes referred to by the vrykul as Valhalas[1]). Located high up in the clouds above Stormheim, it has been set aside by Keeper Odyn as the order hall of warriors, a staging point for living Valarjar to bring the fight to the Burning Legion.


  1. Quest:An Important Mission / Quest:A Desperate Plea (Legion)
  2. Quest:Return to the Broken Shore
  3. [100] Odyn and the Valarjar
  4. [100] Weapons of Legend
  5. Acquire the chosen artifact:
    • Arms ( [Stromkar, the Warbreaker])
      1. ...
    • Fury ( [Odyn's Fury])
      1. [100] The Hunter of Heroes
    • Protection ( [Scale of the Earth-Warder])
      1. ...
  6. [100] The Forgening
  7. [100] The Forge of Odyn
  8. [100] The Eye of Odyn
  9. [100] Thus Begins the War