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Zul'Gurub loot

Zul'Gurub was a 20-man raid instance located in northeastern Stranglethorn Vale, released in patch 1.7. Like Zul'Farrak, it counts as an outdoors zone, and riding on mounts is possible. Zul'Gurub is the capital of the jungle troll tribes, led by the Gurubashi, worshippers of the terrible god, Hakkar the Soulflayer, who personally inhabits a temple in the deepest parts of the city. It is believed that Zul'Farrak was once an outpost of this kingdom but was lost in the Sundering.

Boss Weapons and Shields Cloth Leather Mail Plate Back Other
High Priest Venoxis

[Serpentine Leggings]

[Belt of Slithering Serpents]

[Breastplate of Serenity]

[Coils of Hate]

[Signet of Venoxis]

Bloodlord Mandokir

[Bloodlord's Protector]
[Touch of Discord]

[Deathcharged Wristguards]

[Hakkari Loa Drape]

[Amulet of the Watcher]

(Cache of Madness)

[Zulian Voodoo Stick]

[Fasc's Preserved Boots]

[Handguards of the Tormented]

[Plunderer's Gauntlets]

[Amulet of Protection]
[Lost Bag of Whammies]

(Cache of Madness)

[Gurubashi Destroyer]
[Thekal's Claws]
[Zulian Voodoo Stick]

[Handguards of the Tormented]

[Plunderer's Gauntlets]

[Lost Bag of Whammies]

(Cache of Madness)

[Arlokk's Claws]
[Zulian Voodoo Stick]

[Handguards of the Tormented]

[Plunderer's Gauntlets]

[Lost Bag of Whammies]

(Cache of Madness)

[Zulian Voodoo Stick]

[Handguards of the Tormented]
[Kilt of Forgotten Rites]

[Plunderer's Gauntlets]
[Troll Skull Chestplate]

[Lost Bag of Whammies]

High Priestess Kilnara

[Claw-Fringe Mantle]
[Sash of Anguish]

[Leggings of the Pride]

[Roaring Mask of Bethekk]

[Arlokk's Signet]


[Zulian Slasher]

[Spiritbinder Spaulders]
[Zombie Walker Legguards]

[Bone Plate Handguards]
[Plumed Medicine Helm]

Jin'do the Godbreaker

[Jeklik's Smasher]
[Jin'do's Verdict]
[Legacy of Arlokk]
[Mandokir's Tribute]
[Shield of the Blood God]
[Twinblade of the Hakkari]
[Twinblade of the Hakkari]
[Zulian Ward]

[The Hexxer's Mask]

[Vestments of the Soulflayer]

Trash mobs

[Gurubashi Punisher]

[Spiritguard Drape]
[Spiritcaller Cloak]

[Band of the Gurubashi Berserker]


The most efficient route through Zul'Gurub is as follows:

  1. Enter the instance and continue straight across the first bridge, turn right and head up a hill and kill High Priestess Jeklik.
  2. Go back down and across the second bridge to find the room on the left containing High Priest Venoxis.
  3. Behind Venoxis's Room take the right path, and continue going up. Here you can take a slight left up a hill and kill Bloodlord Mandokir or take a right through the path with spider webs toHigh Priestess Mar'li.
  4. Returning back down the hill past the large staircase on the right those who plan on doing the Edge of Madness should do it now.
  5. Down the path to your right you'll find High Priest Thekal.
  6. After High Priest Thekal off the path to the left you'll find the camp and shoreline used to spawn Gahz'ranka who is a water boss, kill him if desired.
  7. Back up the hill and down the road you will find a pyramid, inside isHigh Priestess Arlokk.
  8. Go back outside and continue up the path and kill Jin'do the Hexxer if you want to, and have time.
  9. Reverse back down the ramp, and over the bridge on your right to the temple of Hakkar, and you've cleared all of Zul'Gurub!


The Priest Aspects all assume an animal form at some point when fighting them. Moreover, if they are left alive they grant Hakkar powerful abilities that make him much harder to kill. This is in contrast toother bosses who do not assume animal forms and do not give Hakkar any abilities.

  1. High Priestess Jeklik - Aspect of Hir'eek (Bat)
  2. High Priest Venoxis - Aspect of Hethiss (Snake)
  3. High Priestess Mar'li - Aspect of Shadra(Spider)
  4. High Priest Thekal - Aspect of Shirvallah (Tiger)
  5. High Priestess Arlokk - Aspect of Bethekk(Panther)
  6. Hakkar the Soulflayer


The bosses below are considered 'optional' because they do not give Hakkar any abilities. As such, you can choose to kill or skip them, it won't change your encounter with the Bloodgod.

  1. Bloodlord Mandokir
  2. Jin'do the Hexxer
  3. Gahz'ranka
  4. Edge of Madness - one of: Gri'lek, Renataki,Hazza'rah, or Wushoolay