Wrath Classic Emotes WotLK

Name Preview
absent You look absent-minded.
agree You agree.
amaze You are amazed!
angry You raise your fist in anger.
apologize You apologize to everyone. Sorry!
applaud You applaud. Bravo!
arm You stretch your arms out.
attackmytarget You tell everyone to attack something.
awe You look around in awe.
backpack You dig through your backpack.
badfeeling You have a bad feeling about this…
bark You bark. Woof woof!
bashful You are bashful.
beckon You beckon everyone over to you.
beg You beg everyone around you. How pathetic.
bite You look around for someone to bite.
blame You blame yourself for what happened.
blank You stare blankly at your surroundings.
bleed Blood oozes from your wounds.
blink You blink your eyes.
blush You blush.
boggle You boggle at the situation.
bonk You bonk yourself on the noggin. Doh!
bored You are overcome with boredom. Oh the drudgery!
bounce You bounce up and down.
bow You bow down graciously.
brandish You brandish your weapon fiercely.
brb You let everyone know you’ll be right back.
breath You take a deep breath.
burp You let out a loud belch.
bye You wave goodbye to everyone. Farewell!
cackle You cackle maniacally at the situation.
calm You remain calm.
challenge You put out a challenge to everyone. Bring it on!
charge You start to charge.
charm You put on the charm.
cheer You cheer!
chicken With arms flapping, you strut around. Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!
chuckle You let out a hearty chuckle.
chug You take a mighty quaff of your beverage.
clap You clap excitedly.
cold You let everyone know that you are cold.
comfort You need to be comforted.
commend You commend everyone on a job well done.
confused You are hopelessly confused.
congratulate You congratulate everyone around you.
cough You let out a hacking cough.
coverears You cover your ears.
cower You cower in fear.
crack You crack your knuckles.
cringe You cringe in fear.
crossarms You cross your arms.
cry You cry.
cuddle You need to be cuddled.
curious You express your curiosity to those around you.
curtsey You curtsey.
dance You burst into dance.
ding You reached a new level. DING!
disagree You disagree.
doubt You doubt the situation will end in your favor.
drink You raise a drink in the air before chugging it down. Cheers!
drool A tendril of drool runs down your lip.
duck You duck for cover.
eat You begin to eat.
embarrass You flush with embarrassment.
encourage You encourage everyone around you.
enemy You warn everyone that an enemy is near.
eye You cross your eyes.
eyebrow You raise your eyebrow inquisitively.
facepalm You cover your face with your palm.
fail You have failed.
faint You faint.
fart You fart loudly. Whew…what stinks?
fidget You fidget.
flee You yell for everyone to flee!
flex You flex your muscles. Oooooh so strong!
flirt You flirt.
flop You flop about helplessly.
follow You motion for everyone to follow.
frown You frown.
gasp You gasp.
gaze You gaze off into the distance.
giggle You giggle.
glare You glare angrily.
gloat You gloat over everyone’s misfortune.
glower You glower at averyone around you.
go You tell everyone to go.
going You must be going.
golfclap You clap half-heartedly, clearly unimpressed.
goodluck You wish for some good luck.
greet You greet everyone warmly.
grin You grin wickedly.
groan You begin to groan.
grovel You grovel on the ground, wallowing in subservience.
growl You growl menacingly.
guffaw You let out a boisterous guffaw!
hail You hail those around you.
happy You are filled with happiness!
headache You are getting a headache.
healme You call out for healing!
hello You greet everyone with a hearty hello!
helpme You cry out for help!
hiccup You hiccup loudly.
highfive You put up your hand for a high five.
hiss You hiss at everyone around you.
holdhand You wish someone would hold your hand.
hug You need a hug!
hungry You are hungry!
hurry You try to pick up the pace.
idea You have an idea!
incoming You warn everyone of incoming enemies!
insult You think everyone around you is a son of a motherless ogre.
introduce You introduce yourself to everyone.
jealous You are jealous of everyone around you.
jk You were just kidding!
joke You tell a joke.
kiss You blow a kiss into the wind.
kneel You kneel down.
laugh You laugh.
laydown You lie down.
lick You lick your lips.
listen You are listening!
look You look around.
lost You are hopelessly lost.
love You feel the love.
luck You wish everyone good luck.
map You pull out your map.
massage You need a massage!
mercy You plead for mercy.
moan You moan suggestively.
mock You mock life and all it stands for.
moo Mooooooooooo.
moon You drop your trousers and moon everyone.
mountspecial There is no data to display.
mourn In quiet contemplation, you mourn the loss of the dead.
mutter You mutter angrily to yourself. Hmmmph!
nervous You look around nervously.
no You clearly state, NO.
nod You nod.
nosepick With a finger deep in one nostril, you pass the time.
object You OBJECT!
offer You want to make an offer.
oom You announce that you have low mana!
openfire You give the order to open fire.
panic You run around in a frenzied state of panic.
pat You need a pat.
peer You peer around, searchingly.
pet You need to be petted.
pinch You pinch yourself.
pity You pity those around you.
plead You drop to your knees and plead in desperation.
point You point over yonder.
poke You poke your belly and giggle.
ponder You ponder the situation.
pounce You pounce out from the shadows.
pout You pout at everyone around you.
praise You praise the Light.
pray You pray to the Gods.
promise <Name> makes <Name> a promise.
proud You are proud of yourself.
pulse You check your own pulse.
punch You punch yourself.
purr You purr like a kitten.
puzzle You are puzzled. What’s going on here?
raise You raise your hand in the air.
rasp You make a rude gesture.
ready You let everyone know that you are ready!
regret You are filled with regret.
revenge You vow you will have your revenge.
roar You roar with bestial vigor. So fierce!
rofl You roll on the floor laughing.
rolleyes You roll your eyes.
rude You make a rude gesture.
ruffle You ruffle your hair.
sad You hang your head dejectedly.
salute You stand at attention and salute.
scared You are scared!
scoff You scoff.
scold You scold yourself.
scowl You scowl.
scratch You scratch yourself. Ah, much better!
search You search for something.
serious You think this is serious business.
sexy You’re too sexy for your tunic…so sexy it hurts.
shake You shake your rear.
shakefist You shake your fist.
shifty Your eyes shift back and forth suspiciously.
shimmy You shimmy before the masses.
shiver You shiver in your boots. Chilling!
shoo You shoo the measly pests away.
shout You shout.
shrug You shrug. Who knows?
shudder You shudder.
shy You smile shyly.
sigh You let out a long, drawn-out sigh.
signal You give the signal.
silence You tell everyone to be quiet. Shhh!
sing You burst into song.
sit There is no data to display.
slap You slap yourself across the face. Ouch!
sleep You fall asleep. Zzzzzzz.
smack You smack your forehead.
smile You smile.
smirk A sly smirk spreads across your face.
snap You snap your fingers.
snarl You bare your teeth and snarl.
sneak You try to sneak away.
sneeze You sneeze. Achoo!
snicker You quietly snicker to yourself.
sniff You sniff the air around you.
snort You snort.
snub You snub all of the lowly peons around you.
soothe You need to be soothed.
spit You spit on the ground.
squeal You squeal like a pig.
stand There is no data to display.
stare You stare off into the distance.
stink You smell the air around you. Wow, someone stinks!
stopattack You tell everyone to stop attacking.
surprised You are so surprised!
surrender You surrender to your opponents.
suspicious You narrow your eyes in suspicion.
sweat You are sweating.
talk You talk to yourself since no one else seems interested.
talkex You talk excitedly with everyone.
talkq You want to know the meaning of life.
tap You tap your foot. Hurry up already!
taunt You taunt everyone around you. Bring it fools!
tease You are such a tease.
thank You thank everyone around you.
think You are lost in thought.
thirsty You are so thirsty. Can anyone spare a drink?
threaten You threaten everyone with the wrath of doom.
tickle You want to be tickled. Hee hee!
tired You let everyone know that you are tired.
toast You raise a drink in the air before chugging it down. Cheers!
train There is no data to display.
truce You offer a truce.
twiddle You twiddle your thumbs.
veto You veto the motion on the floor.
victory You bask in the glory of victory.
violin You begin to play the world’s smallest violin.
wait You ask everyone to wait.
warn You warn everyone.
wave You wave.
welcome You welcome everyone.
whine You whine pathetically.
whistle You let forth a sharp whistle.
wink You wink slyly.
work You begin to work.
yawn You yawn sleepily.
yw You were happy to help.

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