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Albion Online Gold Use

Gold is a premium currency in Albion Online. Gold can only be introduced into the economy when purchased with real-world currency such as the U.S. Dollar. Once obtained, gold can be freely traded with others in the game. Gold is used to purchase premium account status and obtain vanity items and once spent in this manner, gold is removed from the active economy. Gold can also be earned by referring new players that spend real money on founder packs. No information has yet been provided regarding whether or not the referral program will extend to include gold purchases too.

Players without gold wanting to purchase premium time, can exchange their silver for gold on the gold market. The exchange rate varies depending on a standard supply and demand system which can be monitored via a 24 hour chart found in-game.

Comparing the gold value to real-world value

Players wanting to see how much their gold-invested items or efforts are worth in real world currency, can use this chart to see the Cost Per Gold (CPG) for any given gold purchase option. This specific chart does not take into consideration the value of gold in founder packs.

Gold Amount Price Per Package Price Per Gold
300 $2.45 $0.008166667
750 $2.95 $0.0066
1600 $8.95 $0.00559375
2600 $12.95 $0.004980769
5050 $24.95 $0.004940594
8200 $39.95 $0.004871951
12500 $59.95 $0.004796
21000 $99.95 $0.004759524

The rough average value of gold in the chart above is $0.0056 CPG

Buy Albion Online Silver Guides

As with any MMORPG out in today's age, there's a lot of ways to make some cash in the game in the form of albion online silver. One of the main ways of picking up some extra dosh is by slaughtering monsters and picking up what they have left over, but in comparison to some of the more detailed; yet simple methods, you're not going to make as much without some form of plan.

I'm not saying that you need to plan out every little detail to get the maximum amount of albion online silver at the end of every session, but following some of these easy to follow, simple tips tricks will make your grinding/farming life that much easier.

To start things off simply, I would recommend spending some time gathering resources that you'll find spread out around you. These resources don't need to be refined, providing you can't be asked to refine them, but selling them either way is going to net you a pretty penny before too long.

The only major downside to spending so much time gathering resources and selling them is that you're not going to be levelling or progressing your character very much, as you won't be getting the experience needed to level them up. All of this is especially the case when you're just starting out with a new character, but if you've made some headway into the game already you won't have quite as much to worry about.

Unlike gathering, crafting requires a bit more time and effort spent into it, as you're going to need to acquire enough crafting experience to start making items that can sell for more and more. However, if you manage to put in the effort to start off improving your crafting ability; while it may start off pretty tedious, it will quickly ramp up just enough to start making you some serious cash that after too long, gathering won't be able to provide you with. Crafting is just one of those things you're going to need to keep working at, because as soon as you progress far enough into it, you will be making the kind of albion online silver that won't be able to complain about.

Real Estate

Albion Online features a system that allows you to purchase land, as well as to build houses and homes inside that portion of land that you've just purchased for yourself. This isn't the easiest method around, as it does require you to go out and try to locate a buyer, but putting the investment into the building will end up being a worthwhile investment very quickly.

The best way to make the most out of your new piece of real estate is to get them as close to town as you can possibly get them, since it's the most hotly sought after piece of real estate you will find inside the game. Now, it may take a little time before someone makes you an offer on the building that you're comfortable with, but if you're willing to put in the time and the resources – 9 times out of 10 you are going to make a profit.

Selling on the Market

A lot of MMO's nowadays have the inclusion of a market system to allow players to come up with their own value for certain items and watch as the market fluctuates up and down. While it can be a bit of a hit-and-miss market from time to time; on average you're going to make a considerable amount of profit – providing you know when to buy or when to sell.

The number one tip I can give you when it comes to the market system is a term, known as "flipping." Flipping is when you buy a product for a low amount of albion online silver, only to sell it for a higher amount to receive a fair amount of profit. The reason this works is because each and every auction house you come in contact with isn't connected, so if you bought a really cheap but unique piece of equipment from one auction house, you can then go and sell it at another auction house for a nice profit.

Obviously, not every single player you come across will know about this, meaning that the likelihood of them purchasing from one auction house, thinking that prices don't vary from location to location. While this isn't necessarily good for them, it does mean that you're going to earn a fair amount of albion silver; with your ultimate expense leading to walking to the next town over – definitely not something that you can scoff at.

In conclusion, there's a lot of ways to earn silver in this game, but the several that I've highlighted I personally feel are some of the best and more reliable ways of earning some serious silver in Albion Online; all ways that I would easily consider beginner friendly for anyone to give it a try. Here is how to get albion online silver, and we also introduced before how to Money Making Guide in Albion Online.


Whatever you want to be, follow these steps to get maximum silver and fame in the first hours:


1) Follow the destiny board guide to unlock the beginners weapons, armor and tools.

2) Craft mulitple sets and keep them for later

3) Get together with some friends and

- rush T3 and T4 mobs in every map

- rush every dungeon in your area (2-3 zones around you)

4) Buy T2 or T3 equipment from the market places

5) Head to yellow zones and kill every mob you encounter

6) Do this for the whole day and try to avoid other groups.

What's the best way to get silver?

We at sandbox interactive are as usual keeping an close watch on the test, several of us are in fact in the game answering questions and playing alongside you! 

And one of the more worrisome questions we tend to get is "How do I get silver?" Or "What's the best way to get silver?"

So in this short guide I intend to answer these questions and hopefully help people transition into the nature of Albion Online.

How do I get silver?

Silver is primarily dropped from humanoid mobs out in the world, when you first leave either Kings or Queens Market you will enter into an area with a lot of tier 2 resources and tier 2 heretics. 

They should be a great beginners source of silver

What's the best way to get silver?

This is an opinion that will differ from person to person, I personally will go into how to make silver from PVE while @Korn wrote some tips on how to make money through the marketplace over at Using the market to make money right now

The biggest difference between how Albion Online and other games differs are that we want to have a real economy, this means we cannot pump the game full with silver or resources and have limited the amount of silver & resources entering the game.

Mobs & Resources works in a way that they will Spawn and their loot will continue to grow the longer they are alive, this means that most mob spawns in highly trafficked areas will be quite bad for maximizing silver income, 

This is why we suggest people to spread out and settle either within or close to the PVP enabled area, despite the risk of PVP

The hard facts:
* Travel, freshly spawned mobs have the least amount of silver. Often territories that are percieved as too dangerous to go into have the best rewards.
* Mobs that have been alive for a long time often carry up to 20 times the amount of silver of freshly spawned mobs
* Only wear what you are afford to lose, you should preferably be coming home with more silver then the value of what you left home with.
* Group up! Find a Guild or some other Solo players and group up with them! Even being only 2 players together helps you take on much harder mobs.
* Look on the world map! Find the closest treasure territories, they are often a good source of silver

Equipment tips:
* Shields add a lot of armor and allows you to taunt the target enemy 
* Leather armor got a great heal which will lower your downtime. (Bringing food is also great)* Using the defensive strike will buff your armor (stacks up to 3 times) will increase your survivability* The Ability "Disabling Strike" will help you a lot against mobs that cast spells, interrupting their spells will ease your PVE experience.

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