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Rift Initial release date
Rift is a fantasy free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Trion Worlds. Rift takes place within the fantasy world of Telara. The game was released in March 2011.
Initial release date: March 1, 2011
Developer: Trion Worlds
Engine: Gamebryo
Publisher: Trion Worlds
Genre: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Rift Factions and races

Telara is the focal point of the elemental Planes: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Life, and Death—and one point where every one of these Planes intersect with each other. Each Plane is governed by a dragon-deity, a personification of that elemental force. Through the actions of the Dragon of Extinction, Regulos, the various dragons have united in an alliance known as the Blood Storm, for the purpose of invading Telara and gaining use of the intersection of all of their realms. In the past, the Blood Storm was defeated by the inhabitants of Telara with the help of the Vigil, the most powerful of the native gods.

Regulos was cast out into the elemental Planes, while its five compatriots were trapped within Telara and chained beneath a ward designed to close Telara off from external threats. However, Regulos had recently gained entry to Telara, destroying the ward and causing rifts to open, feeding the strength of the trapped dragons and allowing their minds to enter in a bid to destroy Telara's defenders. Players take on the role of the Ascended, resurrected superhuman warriors tasked to defeat the forces of Regulos and cleanse Telara of the threat of the Storm forever.

Factions and races

Opposing Regulos within Telara are two factions: the Guardians and the Defiant. The Guardians piously follow the religion of the Vigil, the supreme gods of Telara. They include the high elves, the Mathosians (a warlike culture of humans from the north), and dwarves. Ascended Guardians were resurrected by the Vigil after they died at the hands of Regulos, during his return to Telara. Guardians fight and die against one of Regulos' commanders, only to be brought back at the beginning of Rift.

The Defiant are those who, for cultural, historic, or personal reasons, do not follow the religion of the Vigil and have put their trust in science and technology as a way to conquer the forces of Regulos. They include the Eth (a highly advanced human culture from the south), the Bahmi (descendants of interbreeding between Air spirits and humans), and the Kelari (animistic, cabalistic dark elves). Ascended Defiant were resurrected through technology based on the study of the soul-structure of ascended Guardians, in an apocalyptic future in which Telara has nearly been consumed by Regulos. At the beginning of the game, Defiant faction players are sent back in time from this point to the beginning of Rift, allowing them to fight at an opportune moment in Telara's timeline, to overthrow the religion of the Vigil and defeat Regulos.


Rifts are areas of elemental instability that represent the intrusion of elemental planes into the land of Telara. Once opened, these rifts begin to spawn monsters that proceed to march towards important points on the map. It is up to players to defeat these monsters and to close the rifts. If rifts are left unchecked, the invading monsters will eventually conquer large portions of the map, inflicting casualties and significantly hampering the operations in that area. Entering the area around a rift triggers a prompt for the player to join a public group, rather than forcing the player to manually create a group. After sealing a rift, players are rewarded based on their contribution to the fight, such as healing, dealing damage, or buffing other players. The severity and locations of rifts are entirely dynamic. Rifts of six different types (earth, fire, air, water, life, and death) are possible, and rifts of different types will oppose each other. In addition, Non-player characters hostile to the player may engage rift invaders. With the addition of Storm Legion, Hunt Rifts can be summoned by players creating a "survival" style of combat where players defend conduits from waves of invaders culminating in a boss battle. Hunt Rifts have varying degrees of difficulty and as the difficulty increases the player rewards also increase.

Rift offers several types of dungeons/instances including Dungeons and Raids. Players may team up in groups of 5 to battle through Normal, Expert or Master mode Dungeons. Each level of dungeon challenges players to overcome unique strategies and encounters. Dungeons provide players with a chance to acquire higher level items and currencies to use throughout the game. In addition to Dungeons, players may also choose to enter 10-man or 20-man Raids which require teamwork and good equipment to be successful. Raids are considered end-game content and contain the toughest encounters Rift has to offer.

Each character chooses between five different callings: Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Mage or Primalist. Each class (with the exception of the Primalist) starts with access to eight different 'souls' from that calling, which have trees to which they can allocate a number of points gained each level. An additional two souls can be purchased for every calling bar the Primalist which currently only possesses six in total. Rift's soul trees have two levels: branches, which are the specific abilities/bonuses that the player allocates the points to, and roots, which are the soul's base abilities that are unlocked as the player allocates a certain number of points into the branches. All races may become all classes.[citation needed]

The soul system allows players to customize their characters to a high degree. The player chooses three souls from within their calling, and allocates earned points into talent trees for each soul. A Cleric wishing to tank may select justicar for its defensive properties and ability to heal the group as it deals damage, sentinel to increase his healing capabilities, and shaman to increase his melee damage output (thus increasing the amount of damage-based healing and threat generation). A Cleric may have both justicar and sentinel, but may have more points allocated into sentinel than justicar, and then choose warden as the third soul for its burst damage and heal-over-time spells, to make the character more of a healer than a tank.

Players may also keep up to twenty different soul configurations (called roles), which may be activated whenever the player is not in combat, meaning a player can switch from a healer to a damage dealer as the group needs. Because the player's abilities come from the points allocated in the soul trees, two roles that share no souls will have no abilities or bonuses in common with each other. This allows players a greater degree of versatility than is normally allowed in MMORPGs. These combinations allow players to play multiple roles in PvE, PvP, party, and raid gameplay. Therefore, a rogue could either do ranged or melee dps, provide support, or tank. Clerics, unlike in other MMOs, allows for damaging and tanking abilities instead of being confined exclusively to healing. Mages provide both ranged and melee damage through direct damage and damage over time abilities. They can provide fantastic support via group or tank healing, as well as debilitating destructive debuffs and crowd control. Warriors can fulfill several roles, either damage, tanking, or support.

Rift's character customization allows players to alter specific aspects of their avatars. Characters may change hairstyles, facial features, height, sex, tattoos, and skin colors during character creation. Originally, these attributes were unable to be changed in game, but patch 1.9 added a barbershop which allowed for re-customization of all aspects but race and sex. Each race has a limited skin color palette and set of race-specific features. For example, the Bahmi's hairstyles for females include numerous bald or almost-bald options while the high elves have hairstyles that contain flowers. The player can also customize the appearance of all armor by applying a coloured dye or by using the appearance of another item. Rift also features an expansive wardrobe system. If a player finds a particular piece of equipment that pleases them visually, they can equip it in a wardrobe slot that overwrites currently equipped items, visual model. For each wardrobe slot, a player can equip alternate gloves, shoulders, boots, pants, and chest pieces. There are various vanity items that players receive for completing dungeons, quests, or rift events in game. All together, the player can purchase up to five wardrobe slots, with the price of each subsequent slot increasing substantially.

At launch, Rift included approximately 12,000 weapons which players could equip to their character. Weapon rarities are common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), and relic (orange). Weapons include swords, axes, maces, staves, wands, bows, guns, daggers, and shields. Swords, hammers, axes, and maces, and pole arms may also be two handed.

Making Rift Platinum Guide

Welcome to “Making Platinum in Rift” where I look at ways to make platinum in RIFT. I’ve got guides from back in 2013 that have been updated here and there for general information on making platinum, even without the AH.

However, let’s take a look at a specific way of making platinum in RIFT: Old Instance Farming.

What’s Old Instance Farming? It’s just that – running through old instances that are now easy for max level players.

Old Instance Farming

It’s simple – solo farm old raid and dungeon instances such as Greenscale’s Blight and Master Mode Darkening Deeps. You can net 500+ plat per week from this with minimal effort. What’s more? It’s more interesting than clicking on mining nodes, and it’s a lot easier than Level 65 Intrepid Chronicles!

What you want to concentrate on are Level 50 Raids, Expert Dungeons and Master Mode Dungeons.

Instance Breakdown

Let’s see what you can receive in each instance and how long it takes to solo them:

Table: Level 50 Raids

 Instance Boss Plat Other Plat TOTAL Time
Greenscale’s Blight 140 45 185 22min
Gilded Prophecy 64 20 84 6min 40sec
Drowned Halls 67 19 86  7min 20sec
Rise of the Phoenix 61 17 78  13min 40sec
TOTAL:  433 ~50min


  • “Other Plat” includes both plat from vendoring gear and mob drops, plus mob coin loot (excluding boss coin loot).
  • “Time” is based on rushing through the instance with priority on boss kills. If you are a Rogue with stealth and skip adds, you’ll finish faster. If you choose to kill adds or are in a spec which doesn’t have crowd-control (‘CC’) protection and you get CCed a lot, you’ll end up taking longer to complete the instance. Same goes with gear.
  • As an example of the variance in time – Leaderboards show (solo) runs of all 4 combined taking ~30min; mostly from Rogues stealthing through trash.
  • Numbers rounded up to the nearest plat for easier viewing. Mileage may vary depending on your bonuses, how many adds you kill/loot, and just loot luck.

Table: Level 50 Dungeons

 Instance Boss Plat Other Plat TOTAL Time
Master Mode Darkening Deeps 12 20 32 5min 20sec
Expert Darkening Deeps 12 10 22 4min 20sec
Master Mode Caduceus Rise 37 20 57  10min
TOTAL:  111 ~20min


  • Again, plat and time is variable based on loot luck, gear, spec and how much trash you choose to kill. As an example – Leaderboards show (solo) runs of all 3 combined taking ~15min; again from Rogues stealthing through trash.


Spend~1hr 20min (10min for getting to the instances) and you’ll have ~544 plat each week.

It’ll probably take longer than an hour and 20min on your first run through these instances, but as you familiarize yourself with the layout of each instance and know which adds you can skip or run into a boss to kill together; your runs should speed up significantly.

Even better:

  • Master Modes reset twice weekly: on Wednesday and Sunday daily reset time (4am Server Time).
  • Experts reset daily and the other Level 50 Experts probably give similar plat to Expert Darkening Deeps.

The good weapon wardrobe pieces usually drop from last or second-last boss of each raid.

There’s also various pets and even specific costume drops available. For instance:

  • General Silgen in Rise of the Phoenix can drop General Silgen’s Crown, a special headpiece costume shown above.
  • High Priest Arakhurn in Rise of the Phoenix can drop Tinder, a flame griffon companion pet (looks like 2nd phase version of Arakhurn).
  • Conqueror: Rise of the Phoenix rewards an Ashe companion pet (looks like 1st phase version of Arakhurn).
  • Conqueror: Gilded Prophecy rewards Pet Ore companion pet. It’s an ore that stays in the same spot unless out of range of the player.
  • Conqueror: Drowned Halls rewards “Helm of the Hydriss”, a special headpiece costume.
  • Conqueror: Greenscale’s Blight gives you the Gweenscale companion pet – a Life-based dragon whelp companion pet.
  • Master Mode Caduceus Rise chests have a chance of dropping two different cockatrice companion pets: Lil’ Smoulda and Lil’ Swagga.
  • Cadeceus in Caduceus Rise has a chance of dropping his Caduceus headpiece costume.

Information on Instances

Not sure where each instance is located? No problem, here’s a breakdown of locations and some quick advice on each.

Level 50 Raids

Level 50 Raids are all located on the Mathosia map.

  • Greenscale’s Blight. In Stillmoor. /setwaypoint 763 2699
  • Drowned Halls*. In Scarwood Reach. /setwaypoint 3071 4129
  • Gilded Prophecy*. In Shimmersand. /setwaypoint 7106 6911
  • Rise of the Phoenix*. In Stonefield. /setwaypoint 4231 5228

*You’ll need to have Omen Sight or Quantum Sight buff up if you want to see the entrance portal for the 10-man raids. You can find these under your Abilities window (default key “p“) -> Ascended Powers -> Utility. Purchased with 12k Sourcestone from: Sanctum or Meridian.

Note: Any tips below are based on you soloing the content at Level 65.

Greenscale’s Blight

In Stillmoor. /setwaypoint 763 2699

  • Trash Packs: Make sure to burst down all tree-based mobs if you are a Cleric. Also, put up crowd-control (‘CC’) immunity buffs if you have any. Why? The tree-based mobs will turn you into squirrels or into a tree – both last a long time and won’t allow you to use abilities. If you’re a Rogue, just stealth through all trash packs and if you’re a Mage or Warrior you can Feign Death with Necro or Tempest respectively. (Thanks to Type for the info on Feign Death)
  • 1st Boss: Duke Letareus – Just dps the boss and ignore everything else. Once he is dead you’ll port out – go left for trash leading up to 2nd boss.
  • 2nd Boss: Infiltrator Johlen – Every couple %s he goes immune and drops a bomb in the middle. DPS it down. Be sure to have CC immunity buffs up or use Break Free because he will CC you intermittently, making it so you can’t use abilities. If the bomb in the middle counts down, it’ll deal decent damage but shouldn’t kill you if you are Level 65. Once dead you’ll port out – go right for trash leading up to 3rd boss.
  • 3rd Boss: Oracle Aleria – To start encounter, use an ability on the Oracle. DPS the twins, then dps down Oracle. You can ignore the wisps. Once dead, you’ll port out – go forward to Hylas.
  • 4th Boss: Prince Hylas – At low hp he’ll turn you into a critter and you’ll be ported out of the maze. Just move right and hug the wall until you get back to him – dps his shield down to stop his heal.
  • 5th Boss: Greenscale – Don’t ever touch the pools around the room. DPS him down. DPS Bogling adds (one will heal, some will silence you) when they spawn. You can ignore wisps and plants.

Drowned Halls

In Scarwood Reach. /setwaypoint 3071 4129

  • 1st Boss: Assault Commander Jorb – Stay in melee range and put up any CC-immunity you have, or use break free because he’ll turn you into a seacap every now and then. Other than that just DPS down the boss.
  • 2nd Boss: Joloral Ragetide – Just dps him down; ignore the other adds.
  • 3rd Boss: Isskal – Interrupt his blue cast. It happens too often for a solo player to get them all down and will deal about 20-30% of your hp. Just heal yourself back up and interrupt as often as you can. He’ll also silence you every now and then. If you don’t dps him down before whirlpool, just follow the direction of the whirlpool. If rings form, get into the safe zone that doesn’t have the watery vfx.
  • 4th Boss: Hydriss – Her encounter is located in the same place as Assault commander Jorb. Fight starts when you engage the add packs. DPS them down before Hydriss gets down the flight of stairs. You should have plenty of time. She knocks back so you might want to find a wall or rock to put your back against. She’ll turn you into a sea cap every now and then so use CC immunity buffs or Break Free. DPS the whelp after you kill Hydriss. You can also use a pet to circumvent CC as she will turn your pet into a sea cap instead of yourself – just make sure to get aggro of the whelp when it comes down the stairs so your pet doesn’t die. (Thanks to Type for the info!)

Gilded Prophecy

In Shimmersand. /setwaypoint 7106 6911

  • 1st Boss: Anrak the Foul – Just dps him down, you don’t need to bother with any of his mechanics since they won’t hurt you as a Level 65 player.
  • 2nd Boss: Guurloth – Simon Says boss. Just dps him down; ignore add. Failing his mechanics won’t deal much damage to you.
  • Prior to 3rd Boss. Before you are able to get to the 3rd boss, you need to click on a pot inside the instance. It should be marked on the map.
  • 3rd Boss: Thalguur – DPS boss. Every 10-20% hp he’ll become immune and channel an obelisk. Best to place your DoTs on him just before he becomes immune so that the dots tick him down a bit. Ghosts will spawn – you can’t do anything about them when you’re solo; so just heal through them.
  • 4th Boss: Uruluuk – Two ways of dealing with this boss. He will crystal you if you don’t push him down to ~33% hp before the crystal cast. If he crystals you, you can’t do anything and just have to wait until he slowly kills you. The crystal will disappear after 2min (Thanks to Ashrytan for duration info!). If you have the dps you can push him down to 33% where he’ll skip the cast and teleport to his final phase. Otherwise, you’ll need to be in a spec with a combat pet so you can tell your pet to break you out of the crystal. (Cleric Inquisitors could also try using Shroud of Agony and hope it destroys the Crystal before you die). Other than that just DPS him down and ignore adds.

Rise of the Phoenix

In Stonefield. /setwaypoint 4231 5228

  • 1st Boss: Ereandorn – He’ll occasionally summon a fire footdhold on top of him or you. DPS it down asap.
  • 2nd Boss: Beruhast – Just dps him down; you don’t have to move out of the way of the AoEs.
  • Prior to 3rd Boss – You’ll need to first free prisoners prior to General Silgen by killing adds, collecting their key and freeing them from their cages. You only get one key at a time, so make sure not to kill all the adds or loot them at once. CC can help with this. Depending on your dps you’ll want at least 3 prisoners freed.
  • 3rd Boss: General Silgen – He’ll rotate between a blue and red AoE on you. Blue stuns you – make sure to have CC immunity buffs up and/or Break Free. When he casts Incinerate and puts a large blue AoE on a prisoner, run to that prisoner or take a large amount of damage.
  • 4th Boss: High Priest Arakhurn – He has two phases. DPS him down in first phase, kill the adds that spawn and then dps him down in second phase. Throughout if the lava boils and you start taking ticks of damage, hide behind a rock (unless you can heal through it). You’ll probably turn into a fire elemental at some point – you won’t be able to do anything, just wait until the buff disappears (it’s for a group mechanic that is irrelevant when you’re soloing). DPS him down.

Level 50 Dungeons

Although I only show plat and time information for Darkening Deeps and Caduceus Rise, you can probably make around the same amounts from the other Level 50 Experts. As such, I’ve included locations to each below:

  • Abyssal Precipice. In Iron Pine Peak. /setwaypoint 2883 1777
  • Caduceus Rise. On Ember Isle. /setwaypoint 14113 3628
  • Charmer’s Caldera. In Shimmersand. /setwaypoint 7151 7611
  • Darkening Deeps. In Gloamwood. /setwaypoint 4894 2431
  • Foul Cascade. In Scarlet Gorge. /setwaypoint 3706 2691
  • King’s Breach. In Scarwood Reach. /setwaypoint 3294 4307
  • Runic Descent. In Moonshade Highlands. /setwaypoint 6230 1355
  • The Deepstrike Mines. In Stonefield. /setwaypoint 4809 5380
  • The Fall of Lantern Hook. In Droughtlands (lowest level of Lantern Hook). /setwaypoint 7669 6293
  • The Iron Tomb. /setwaypoint 6168 4810
  • The Realm of the Fae. /setwaypoint 6701 2727

All these dungeons are located on the Mathosia map (incl. Ember Isle).

About Master Modes

You switch between Expert and Master Mode version of the dungeons by right-clicking your portrait and selecting Dungeon Difficulty. You’ll need to make sure not to be in any instances when you do this.

Only Darkening Deeps and Caduceus Rise have Master Mode versions. They reset every Wednesday and Sunday at daily reset time (4am Server Time). Expert dungeons reset at 4am ST daily.

Caduceus Rise

Only thing to note for the Level 50 dungeons would be Caduceus Rise’s Cinderstorm boss. This boss is summoned either by speaking to Comda who is freed from a cage after you defeat Captain Black Spit. Speaking to Comda will spawn him in front of Pyrestorm’s puzzle and he will autocomplete it for you.

Or, you can complete the puzzle yourself (and get an extra chest reward). A guide to the puzzle can be found here courtesy of Humpy from the Gaiscioch community.

Why Not?…

You might be thinking, “Why not…[raid]?” Simple, they’re too hard, annoying or don’t give enough plat for time spent:

  • River of Souls:
    • Herald Gaurath doesn’t seem to give plat. And you can die if you kill too many adds at once.
    • Warmaster Galenir has a tank swap – hit 10 stacks and you die, even at Level 65. If you’re soloing you could try using a tank pet to draw his attention, but you’d have to have good control of your pet to properly tank swap.
  • Hammerknell Fortress:
    • You need 3 people in the group to enter. You can use the alt trick where you go onto another account and join your main, adding alts into the group to reach 3. But that’s a pain.
    • Several bosses are impossible to kill solo due to their mechanics.
    • If you are still interested in trying to solo HK, Wu has posted a fantastic breakdown of each boss fight here.
    • Level 50 HK no longer exists.
  • Primeval Feast:
    • The starting ‘event’ is a huge pain – you can’t just dps down the adds but actually have to do the event by backstabbing each add, collecting keys and blowing up shamblers on each side of the instance, which can take 10min+ solo.
    • Secondly, the Maze event before the last boss is also a huge pain.
  • Other Raids are just a pain to get in/solo in general at this point.

Of course nobody is stopping you from doing these raids solo if you wish to and if you don’t mind less plat, you can run them in a group – perhaps for wardrobe items or Conqueror achieves!

Hope you found “Making Plat in Rift: Old Instance Farming” useful! With just one char you’ve almost got half a REX (NA-region)! What if you have 4 Level 65s?

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