WoW Blackrock Mountain Raid Entrance

Where is Blackrock Mountain in wow?
Blackrock Mountain is a zone between the Burning Steppes and the Searing Gorge, linking the two regions. It is hotly contested; between the forces of Ragnaros and his Dark Iron servants and the black dragon Nefarian with his draconid minions and orcish followers.

How do I get to Blackrock Mountain from Orgrimmar?
Horde: The fastest way to Blackrock Mountain from Warspear as Horde is to take the portal in the void vendor building to Orgrimmar and then take the portal at the The Earthen Ring portal hub to Vashj'ir and then fly at Master Riding speed from the Sandy Beach flight path almost directly East (if you don't want to take a little bit of damage from fatigue) to Dun Morogh then fly Southeast to the Northern entrance to Blackrock Mountain near Iron Summit in Searing Gorge.
Alliance: It would be fastest to take the portal to Stormwind City which is near the mage's tower in Stormshield and fly East Northeast from there to the Southern entrance in Burning Steppes near Flamestar Post.

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Blackrock Mountain

Blackrock Mountain is a zone between the Burning Steppes and the Searing Gorge, linking the two regions. This zone is deceptively small, and appears empty when first entered - however, it was at one point, without doubt, among the most dangerous places in Azeroth. It was hotly contested between the forces of Ragnarosand his Dark Iron servants on one side and the black dragon Nefarian and his orc minions on the other. Currently, it is occupied by the Ironmarch. This is one of the most important areas in World of Warcraft lore.

It contains 7 high-level instances:

  • Blackrock Depths: 5-man dungeon (49-57)
  • Lower Blackrock Spire : 5-man dungeon (56-60)
  • Molten Core: 40-man raid (60)
  • Blackwing Lair: 40-man raid (60)
  • Blackrock Caverns: 5-man dungeon (80-83), heroic mode available (85)
  • Blackwing Descent: 10/25-man raid, heroic mode available (85)
  • Upper Blackrock Spire: 5-man dungeon, heroic mode available (100)

Each wing of the adventure must be purchased with gold or real money. Once a player has purchased a wing, that wing will stay available unlocked, and can be replayed as frequently and as many times as desired. Blackrock Mountain is also only accessible to players who have unlocked all 9 classes.

As a Wild format adventure, Blackrock Mountain is no longer available for purchase by new players through the in-game Shop and must be purchased through the Blizzard Shop with real money. Players who have already purchased at least one wing can purchase the remaining wings through the adventure itself.

While the adventure itself must be purchased before it can be played, all cards from the adventure are automatically available for selection in Arena, and through effects like Unstable Portal and Piloted Sky Golem, regardless of whether the player has yet collected them or purchased the related wing.


There are five dungeons in Blackrock Mountain, suitable for players starting level 50 and increasing in difficulty. Blackrock Depths is a 5-man instance recommended for players level 48-60. Blackrock Spireis usually divided into two parts: Lower Blackrock Spire which is a 5-man instance recommended for players level 52-60; Upper Blackrock Spire is a 10-man raid instance recommended for players level 52-60. Molten Core is the first 40-man raid instance recommended for players level 60+. Blackwing Lair is a 40-man raid instance recommended for players level 60+ (after Molten Core in difficulty). World of Warcraft: Cataclysm introduced two more Blackrock dungeons. Blackrock Caverns is an introductory 5-man dungeon for level 80-81 players and Blackwing Descent is a 10/25-man raid inspired by Blackwing Lair, and features Nefarian as a boss.

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Searing Gorge   40 - 60 North By foot (The path to Blackrock Mountain starts at [34, 74].)
Burning Steppes   40 - 60 South By foot

Actually there is a slightly faster way to get to Blackrock Mountain compared to getting the Blasted Lands portal and flying there.

As a Horde race player, You can go to the Legion version of Dalaran city and from there you go to the middle of the city in the Chamber of the Guardian, step on the ground portal which will teleport you to The Portrait Room. From there, go straight ahead and downstairs into the smaller room with five portals. Take the rightmost one that leads you to Karazhan. Once in front of Karazhan, mount up on your flying mount and fly to Blackrock Mountain in the Burning Steppes.