Blessing of God PoE

Elreon’s Jewellery(Item Level: 85) Divination Card: Blessing of God

Blessing of God is a divination card. A set of three can be exchanged for a random magic jewellery item with the Elreon’s prefix and item level 85.

  • 3x Blessing of God = 1x random Elreon’s Jewellery(Item Level: 85)

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Blessing of God

Blessing of God Drop Location

Random. You can sell PoE currency to get this item through PoE Trade.

Blessing of God card drop location post 3.5?

Where does the Blessing of God divination card drop now there are no Elreon missions?

Not sure if they can drop normally, but I got one yesterday, not sure if it was from legion mobs or from a strongbox though.

The only Elreon’s Steel Ring ever existed !!

This is the result of that new div card. Neat. Blessing of God.

I question how usable elreons mod is, I don’t think there’s a single Phys attack build which has mana issues which can’t be solved with 1 node on the tree or 1 stat on a 4 stat jewel or 1 prefix on gloves/ring/amulet or global leech on boots that absolutely any build can use.

And even then you won’t get the mana cost to 0 because you are using x5 more damage gems all of which are 120% multiplier at the lowest. So you still need a form of regen or leech even with x2 rings. If you are on the int side of the tree you’ll have a decent base mana pool and could probably live off regen alone. But majority attack builds don’t have much int at All and often need large amounts on gear.

It’s good for your CoC builds because they don’t use 5 damage gems on cyclone/shield charge and they can get 0 mana cost easily.

But it’s on a steel ring. Only phys attack builds gonna be using it.

Idk I really don’t see the point. Just because it’s rare doesn’t mean it’s worth anything