Boon of the First Ones PoE Drop Location

Bestiary Item Divination Card: Boon of the First Ones

Boon of the First Ones is a divination card. A set of six can be exchanged for a random unique item from the Bestiary leagues.

  • 6x Boon of the First Ones = 1x Bestiary Item

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Boon of the First Ones

Boon of the First Ones Drop Location

Pit of the Chimera Map

One can obtain Boon of the First Ones by exchanging PoE Currency from Safe website such as PoE Trade.

Loot from 100 Boon of the First Ones

I’d estimate less than 100, but more than 10. It’s hard to really calculate because you can do so much more while buying/selling than you can while doing other things in the game, like mapping. Most of the time is just sitting with woops up.

Impressive, but you deserve profits like that for having the patience to purchase 600 of these with PoE’s trading method.

Loot from 33 Boon of the first ones Divination card sets!

Early in the league, end of the first week IIRC, I was one of the first people buying up the cards, around 4–6c. Picked up a Fenumus’ Weave and Shroud for my build in something like 3rd and 6th set respectively, sold most of the other pieces I got, around 11 total, for around .5–1 Exalted Orb.

It’s possible it might happen again next league, but I think since the card was new this patch it was just slept on at first.

I turned in 60 sets of “Boon of the first ones”

I bought all my cards for 12c or under, the process itself took a while because a lot of people wanted more money for the cards. I have a video attached to me opening them as proof and below are the stats on everything I got.

  • Saqwal’s Nest x 3
  • Craiceann’s Carapace x 2
  • Fenumus’ Shroud x 3
  • Farrul’s Fur x 0
  • Craiceann’s Pincers x 5
  • Fenumus’ Weave x 2
  • Farrul’s Pounce x 2
  • Saqawal’s Winds x 5
  • Craiceann’s Tracks x 4
  • Saqawal’s Talons x 8
  • Farrul’s Chase x 4
  • Fenumus’ Spinnerets x 6
  • Saqawal’s Flock x 6
  • Craiceann’s Chitin x 6
  • Fenumus’ Toxins x 3
  • Farrul’s Bite x 1

The most frustrating part about buying these was not the actual purchasing but having to deal with people’s bad attitudes or unrealistic pricing. I had some folks sell them to be much cheaper and no issues, while others got instantly aggressive and acted as if I was scamming them. Others were offended that I was offering anything for there cards and would ask anywhere from 15–25c a card. 90% if not more of the cards I purchased were all unlisted so I had to go through 100’s of people and offer a price.

From the results, this shows that even 10–12c a card is just not worth it. I hope this post helps other people from going through the insanity that I and my wife I went through. Of course, people are going to say they got really good results but anyone can say anything over the internet and of course, there’s RNG.