PoE Catalyst Recipes Vendor

PoE Catalyst Recipe

  • Recipes: 3x Catalysts, all of the same type
  • Result: 1x random Catalyst

PoE Catalyst Vendor Recipes

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PoE Catalyst List and Price

Fertile Catalyst: 20.0× Chaos Orb
Prismatic Catalyst: 15.6× Chaos Orb
Tempering Catalyst: 6.0× Chaos Orb
Intrinsic Catalyst: 2.0× Chaos Orb
Turbulent Catalyst: 2.0× Chaos Orb
Abrasive Catalyst: 2.0× Chaos Orb
Imbued Catalyst: 1.0×Chaos Orb

It is recommended to vendor the low price of catalysts for a chance to get a better catalyst, such as Imbued Catalyst.
Do not suggest to vendor 3 Fertile Catalyst.