Wow Maelstrom Crystal Farming

Maelstrom Crystals are acquired by disenchanting level 85 epic gear, from Justice Point Trade Goods Vendors for 3,750 [Justice Points], or from Honor Trade Goods Vendors for 3,750 [Honor Points], and are used for Cataclysm enchanting recipes.

Maelstrom Crystal Farming + Gold Tips!

Hello ladies and Gentlemen!


I am here to discuss my gold making strat!

I have many characters who are capped on enchanting 525, but it is just a matter of how to get gold with what profession.

-=[ Enchanting ]=-
- Que for Random Twilight Heroics, If gear drops and you are able to roll need DO IT! if you are geared and do not need anything this is the best option to make gold! all you do is roll need on what you can WIN then once your out of the group after the run DE into Maelstrom Crystals! This is highly effective if you want to get easy gold + the random que gold + satchel if you get any. Also, If you are in a level 23+ guild with Bountiful Bags sometimes you can proc 2 maelstrom crystals per DE! (farm a ton, you can also shatter if you need Heavenly Shards!)

-=[ Mining ]=-
- Farm in Deepholm, tons of ore! nom nom nom! ... get a JC to prospect all this ore get gems craft CATA green rings mail a enchanter alt or get a enchanter to DE for you in a lvl 25 guild and get tons of hypno dust!

These 2 tips can make you money!! because you can craft Power Torrents and other hefty expensive enchants to get MAJOR PROFIT! .. ever wonder why people buy those maelstrom crystals for low ball price in bulks well its a rip off you are only giving them profit! and dumping your gold into their pockets! I am not here to get revenge or nothing like that.. I am here to let people know how to make money! rather than wasting it.

-=[ Skinning ]=-
- Blackened Dragonscale , used for leg enchants farm these in Twilight Highlands (open map its the area on the far left with all the dragons flying in the air, kill the dragonkins on the ground not air) .. drink a Potion of Treasure Finding too! if you are in a lvl 25 guild you can also often skin 2-5 blackened dragonscales! .. + you also get Savage Leather! 50 Savage Leather = 10 Heavy Savage Leather which = 1 Pristine Hide from the vendor .. I usually have about 200 Savage Leather by the time I get 40 Blackened dragonscales within 1 hour that is 2k gold on my server. Also what others do not know, is that you can easily get Pristine Hide! by farming Savage Leather x 50 .. have a Leatherworker turn those into 10 heavy savage to get 1 pristine hide off the vendor :D

I hope this gets people some gold! .. I will post more tomorrow!