Warrior Macros

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Warrior Macros

DualWield to 2h and back to DualWield
/equipslot 16 Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight
/equipslot 17 Qiraji Sacrificial Dagger
/equipslot 16 The Untamed Blade

.You shift-click your weapon / shield etc into your macro

Quick Equip Shield and 1 hander
/equipslot 16 Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight
/equipslot 17 Drillborer Disk
.You shift-click your weapon / shield etc into your macro .

Stance Dancin¡¯
/cast [modifier:ctrl,nostance:3] Berserker Stance; [stance:1] Defensive Stance; Battle Stance

.Toggles stances between def and battle stance and if control clicked, it will go to zerker stance

Fear Dance
/cast [stance:1/2]Berserker Stance;Berserker Rage
/cast [stance:3]Defensive Stance

.Think Mag Ony.. will put you into zerker stance, pop zerker rage and then (back) to def stance

Simple Overpower
/cast [stance:1] Overpower; Battle Stance

Simple Mocking Blow
/cast [stance:1] Mocking Blow; Battle Stance

Simple Taunt
/cast [stance:2] Taunt; Defensive Stance

Simple Whirlwind
/cast [stance:3] Whirlwind; Berserker Stance

1 Button Overpower, Sunder, and Whirlwind
/cast [stance:1] Overpower; [stance:2] Sunder Armor; [stance:3] Whirlwind

.Will cast Overpower in Battle stance, Sunder Armor in Defensive, and Whirlwind in Berserker stance

Overpower to Heroic Strike
/cast Overpower(Rank4)
/cast Heroic Strike(Rank9)

.This still works ¡®cos it is not on the GCD - it is a ¡°on next attack¡± ability, and that means it can work with Overpower in this macro. same for Cleave¡­

/cast [nocombat,stance:1] Charge; [combat,nostance:3] Berserker Stance; [nocombat,nostance:1] Battle Stance; [combat,stance:3] Intercept

.It either charges/intercepts, or puts you into the correct stance, another click and you charge/intercept

Shield bash or Pummel
/cast [stance:1/2,noequipped:Shields] Berserker Stance; [stance:1/2,equipped:Shields] Shield Bash; [stance:3] Pummel

/cast [nostance: 2] Defensive Stance; [help] Intervene; [target=targettarget, help] Intervene;

Tanking Macro
/castsequence reset=5 Shield Block, Revenge(Rank 6), Sunder Armor(Rank 5)

Taunt Mob if its not on you
/cast [target=targettargettarget] Taunt

Oh Crap! Self Heal Button
/castsequence reset=600 Last Stand, Major Healthstone, Major Healing Potion

Lifegiving Gem-Last Stand
/castsequence Lifegiving Gem, Last Stand

/castrandom Devastate, Shield Slam
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Cleave; Heroic Strike

.3 is Devastate, Shield Slam, and Heroic Strike. Keeps HS queued and uses Devastate and Shield Slam for your supplemental aggro. Ctrl-3 uses Cleave instead of Heroic Strike.

Heroic Strike/Charge
cast Heroic Strike
/cast Charge

Activates Heroic Strike for your next Melee attack and charges the enemy.

/cast [stance:1,nocombat] Charge
/cast [stance:1] Defensive Stance; Battle Stance

Charges the target and immediately switches to Defensive Stance. Not useful once in combat.

/cast [stance:3] Intercept; Berserker Stance
/cast [stance:3] Hamstring

Activates Berserker Stance and Intercepts the target followed by using Hamstring on the target.

Bloodrage & Berserker Rage
/cast Bloodrage
/cast Berserker Rage

Will use both skills at the same time, 1 button press.