Hunter Macros

Hunter Macros

Pet Stances: Passive, Defensive, Aggressive

Auto-Cast Pet Abilities

Toggle Pet Attack
/petpassive [target=pettarget,exists]

Revive, Call, or Mend Pet
/cast [target=pet, dead] Revive Pet; [modifier:ctrl] Revive Pet; [nopet] Call Pet; Mend Pet

Mend or Revive Pet
/cast [pet] Mend Pet; Revive Pet

Call or Dismiss Pet
/cast [pet] Dismiss Pet; Call Pet

Feed Multiple Pets
/cast [pet, nocombat] Feed Pet
/use [pet:Cat/Ravager/Wolf, nocombat] Roasted Quail; [pet:Bear/Boar/Wind Serpent, nocombat] Conjured Cinnamon Roll

Pet Orders: Attack, Follow, Stay

Kill Command
/cast [exists,target=pettarget] Kill Command

Cast Aspects Based On The Mouse Button Used
/cast [button:1] Aspect of the Hawk
/cast [button:2] Aspect of the Monkey
/cast [button:4] Aspect of the Cheetah

Switch Between Two Aspects
/castsequence Aspect of the Hawk, Aspect of the Monkey

Use Monkey Then Switch ActionBars
/cast Aspect of the Monkey
/changeactionbar 2

Solo Farming
#show Auto Shot
/targetenemy [noharm]
/stopmacro [noharm]
/cast Hunter¡¯s Mark

Smart Ammo
#show Steady Shot
/equip Sharp Arrow
/cast Steady Shot
/equip Wicked Arrow

Misdirection On Predefined Targets
/cast [target=focus, help] Misdirection; [help] Misdirection; [target=pet, exists] Misdirection

¡¤This will attempt to cast Misdirection on the first of three targets. First, on your /focus unit if it is friendly. Second, on your current target if it is friendly. Third, on your pet if it is out.

Example Of Using Mass Cooldowns And Trinkets
/cast Beastial Wrath
/cast Rapid Fire
/use Devilsaur Eye
/cast Intimidation

Renataki¡¯s Charm Macro
/castsequence reset=3 Arcane Shot, Multi-Shot, Renataki¡¯s Charm of Beasts

¡¤This macro will cycle through Arcane Shot, then Multi-Shot, and then use the trinket. If the trinket is on cooldown, the macro will halt. Simply wait 3 seconds and it will go back to Auto Shot.