Raiding Guide

Is your raiding guild falling behind and constantly getting wiped Having problems getting the strategy right for your next raid target Are you having troubles selecting, assigning and explaining roles to raid members If luck plays a big part in your last boss kill then you might need to rethink your approach. The World of Warcraft Raiding Guide follows the footsteps of top guild leaders and provides killer strategies to overcome the most difficult raid encounters. The WoW Raiding Guide is a one-stop source of information for end-game raid instances and boss encounters suitable for both raid leaders and members who want to contribute to the raid success.

Highlights of the World of Warcraft Raiding Guide:
Complete raiding coverage - from Karazhan up to the very last encounters in the Black Temple.
Detailed run downs of each instance map, detailing boss and trash mob locations as well as optimized routes to every encounter, including hidden and optional ones.
In-depth boss analysis covering basic stats, resistances, abilities and spells, as well as revealing strengths and weaknesses of every single one of them.
Phase-by-phase winning strategies for individual encounters including assiduous pulling, positioning, tanking, healing and damage dealing instructions.
Step-by-step walkthroughs for attunement quests to Karazhan, Battle for Mount Hyjal, and the Black Temple.
Recommended strategies for the Zul'Aman raid that let you walk away with the epic bear mount.
Class specific strategies and guidelines for every boss encounter that cover macros, resistances, statistics and spells.
Raid essentials: The WoW Raiding Guide starts off with the basics of raiding in World of Warcraft. General raid guidelines, individual member roles, tactical and behaviour must-knows are layed out in clear terms. Learn what common mistakes others make and how to avoid them.

Attunement Walkthroughs: Detailed guides show raid groups the way to Karazhan, the Battle for Mount Hyjal, and the Black Temple.

Strategies for every high end encounter in World of Warcraft: Taking a raid group into Karazhan for the first time or struggling with a particularly difficult encounter on the way to the Black Temple The WoW Raiding Guide prepares raid leaders and members for the challenges ahead. Save valuable time learning and mastering instances with detailed, proven and tested strategics. The raid guide offers detailed run-downs for the following instances:

Karazhan Guide: The included guide to Karazhan provides players with a complete walk-through of the attunement process, trash mobs, encounters like the Opera and Chess events, as well as all bosses from Netherspite, Prince Malchezaaar to Nightbane including the optional Terestian Illhoof.

Zul'Aman Guide: This Zul'Aman how-to guide offers you a chance to roll on the coveted bear mount by helping you beat the four animal bosses, Nalorakk, Akil'zon, Jan'alai and Halazzi in the right kill order before the timed event ends. Each boss from the first to the last animal lord Zul'jin is covered with a thorough skill analysis and tactics to maintain your advantage.

Gruul's Lair Guide: The guide to High King Maulgar and Gruul provides relevant information on the instance, individual encounters and trash mobs, while detailing strategies for these fights to prevent you from committing fatal errors.

Magtheridon's Lair Guide: The Magtheridon encounter is explained in detail, phase-by-phase, giving players the necessary knowledge and strategies to clear the instance without wiping.

Serpentshrine Cavern Guide: The SSC guide tells you how to progress from Hydross the Unstable to Lady Vashj. The guide reveals information on each trash mob you meet along the way. Specific class advice is included for each encounter as well as beneficial tips and tricks for resistances and stats that help your raid members.

The Eye Guide: Home to Al'ar, the phoenix, Astromancer Solarian, Void Reaver and Kael'thas Sunstrider, it is one of the most difficult raiding areas in World of Warcraft. The guide tackles each boss in the order of increasing difficulty, directing you from the easiest fight to Kael'thas. Each encounter is filled with in-depth descriptions of trash mobs, boss abilities and strategies to handle each battle phase.

Battle for Mount Hyjal Guide: Friendly NPCs can play an important part in this raid's success. The guide describes how and when to engage them. Learn how to keep them alive for further assistance with the Rage Winterchill, Anetheron, Kaz'rogal and Azgalor fights. Items, gear and stat recommendations are included in the fight masterplan to overrun Archimonde.

Black Temple Guide: This large and complex zone can be intimidating, especially when it comes to Illidan Stormage. The WoW Raiding Guide provides easy-to-follow directions to boss locations with a run-down on trash mobs at different areas. Naj'entus, Supremus, Akama, Teron Gorefiend, Gurtogg Bloodboil, Reliquary of Souls, Mother Shahraz, Illidari Council and Illidan - every single raid boss is analyzed and fully documented with its abilities and battle phases, giving players the edge on every fight.

Doomwalker and Doom Lord Kazzak Guide: Covering the two world bosses with suggestions and strategies, the WoW Raiding Guide explains what needs to be done to handle the fights successfully. Tips to keep your members alive such as healing, pulling and positioning your tanks, off-tanks are included.
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