WOW Talent Point Calculator,Level 60 Talent Calculator

Here: WOW Talent Point Calculator

After selecting a class above, use the following viewer to view the talents available for that class. Click on the tab titles at the top left to view the areas of mastery for the class. You can hover over a talent icon for information, click on it to learn the talent, and right-click on it to unlearn the talent.

Use the 'Reset All' option to clear all learned talents and start over, and the 'Reset' option beside each mastery label to clear only the talents from that mastery. You can bring up a text view of your template showing your class and talents trained by using the 'Print' option. To submit your template to be viewed by others, choose your talents and then click the Submit button below the Talent Calculator, entering your character name and optional description.

Talents are a way to specialize your character by enhancing your skills or learning new skills. Starting with level 10, each time you level, you receive one talent point that can be used on the talents below. At the max level of 60, you will have 51 talent points to spend. Talents are class-specific, so each class has a separate set of talents available.

The talents available to each class is broken up into categories or masteries. For a given mastery, the talents are arranged in a skill-tree like fashion. Talents which point to other talents using an arrow are prerequisites. The further down on the tree a talent is, the more points in that particular mastery are required. The first tier does not have a mastery prerequisite, but each tier below the first adds a prerequisite of 5 mastery points per tier. You gain points in a mastery when you spend talents points on the talents in that mastery.

Once you have trained your talents in game, it is possible to untrain them for a cost. To untrain your talents, speak with your class trainer and you will be given an option to untrain them. All of your talents and skills obtained from talents will be reset if you choose this option. The cost to untrain talents increases each time you untrain them for a particular character. The untraining costs are 1g, 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g, 30g, 35g, 40g, 45g, and 50g for each time thereafter.