How to get to Thaldraszus – WoW Dragonflight

Dragon Isles Zones

Four of them are leveling zones, while the fifth, the Forbidden Reach, is the starting zone for dracthyr evokers. Players have to go through the zones in order, starting in the Reach/Shores, and ending in Thaldraszus. The progression is vertical, with the Shores being located at the base of the Isles, while Thaldraszus is located at its apex. The expansion’s storyline runs through each of the zones sequentially. Exploration within the zones themselves, however, is comparatively non-linear.

  • The Forbidden Reach (58)
  • The Waking Shores
  • Ohn’ahran Plains
  • The Azure Span
  • Thaldraszus

Dragon Isles Zones

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Thaldraszus on the Dragon Isles is the seat of power of the Dragon Aspects and their flights. It stands as a shining beacon of the dragons’ kingdom. It is also here that the bronze dragonflight watches over the timeways.

After spending time seeing the many dragon building ruins in the previous three zones, Thaldraszus offers something more pristine with beautifully intact buildings in the seat of power for all five of the dragonflights and home of the dragons. Vertical lofty mountains and great cave systems.

The main city hub of the expansion is here Valdrakken.

Tyrhold is in Thaldraszus, built by the Titan keeper Tyr. This ten-thousand-year-old Titan technological marvel houses great aqueducts that reach across the valley. It was Tyr who helped the Aspects fight Galakrond and when they came to settle in the Dragon Isles, it was he who built this facility. Even though Tyr is long gone, the dragons still hold him in reverence. The Titan keepers have continued to maintain Tyrhold while the dragonflights have gone on to take part in an incredible amount of history as the defenders of Azeroth.

Capital(s) Valdrakken
Races Black dragonflight
Blue dragonflight
Bronze dragonflight
Green dragonflight
Red dragonflight
Location Dragon Isles


Thaldraszus is a mountainous region and the cradle of dragon civilization. From formidable structures to complex waterways, titan and dragon influence can be found throughout its diverse biomes. The sense of history in this region is palpable. The bronze dragons used the Temporal Conflux as a seat of power. Its vast libraries of knowledge contain the secrets of the timeways, as well as the Bronze Oathstone that symbolizes their calling to protect all time.

While titan-forged spaces bear distinctive architecture, the places established by the dragons reflect the most cultured aspects of dragon society. The dragons built vast structures, the most glorious of which was Valdrakken. From the top of this grand city, the Aspects passed laws and directed their protection of Azeroth. Also nestled in the heart of Thaldraszus is Tyrhold, home to the Halls of Infusion. A mysterious place that has been locked away for millennia and holds the secrets that Tyr left behind.

The waters flowing through Thaldraszus’ aqueducts come from the Wellspring of Eternity beneath Tyrhold, and the waters are in fact Azeroth’s lifeblood.

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