World of Warcraft Mounts Nightsabers

Before they were domesticated by the Sentinel Army and trained as mounts, Kalimdor's savage nightsaber panthers were considered to be among the continent's most vicious inhabitants. While many of these grand predatory beasts still prowl the dusky shores and forests of the night elves' homeland, the finest pedigrees of the species, recognized by their superior swiftness and agility, now serve a more practical purpose for those skilled enough to ride them.

Race: Night Elf
Available to: Night Elf (no reputation requirement)
Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Draenei (requires exalted reputation with Darnassus)
Purchase Location: Cenarian Enclave, Darnassus
Riding Skill Cost: 35g (Apprentice) / 600g (Journeyman)

Level 30 Nightsabers

Requirements: Level 30, Apprentice Riding Skill (75)
Speed Increase: 60% speed increase
Cost: 10g
Riding Spotted Frostsaber Riding Striped Frostsaber Riding Striped Nightsaber

Level 60 Nightsabers

Requirements: Level 60, Journeyman Riding Skill (150)
Speed Increase: 100% speed increase
Cost: 100g
Swift Mistsaber Swift Stormsaber Swift Frostsaber