World of Warcraft Skeletal Horses

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Not even the noble steeds that succumbed to the Plague are allowed any rest in the hands of the Forsaken. Through an arcane mix of alchemy and necromancy - the Royal Apothecary Society has raised numerous fallen steeds to serve as mounts for the vengeful dead. These undead steeds are as strong as they were in life, and far more resilient. An unfortunate characteristic, however - one that the Forsaken are none too enamored with is the steeds almost universal stubbornness. From death and beyond, the mighty steeds still cling to the willful spirit that served them in life.

Race: Undead
Available to: Undead (no reputation requirement)
Orc, Troll, Blood Elf (requires exalted reputation with Undercity)
Purchase Location: Brill, Tirisfal Glades
Riding Skill Cost: 35g (Apprentice) / 600g (Journeyman)

Level 30 Skeletal Horses

Requirements: Level 30, Apprentice Riding Skill (75)
Speed Increase: 60% speed increase
Cost: 10g
Red Skeletal Horse Blue Skeletal Horse Brown Skeletal Horse

Level 60 Skeletal Warhorses

Requirements: Level 60, Journeyman Riding Skill (150)
Speed Increase: 100% speed increase
Cost: 100g
Purple Skeletal Warhorse Green Skeletal Warhorse