Rogue Lore

1.2 Rogue Lore (More needed)

For a good read on lore you can catch up on the rogue named Garona Halforcen:

1.3 Abbreviations

The following are abbreviations you should become familiar with as you will see them used throughout this guide, WoW forums and even during game play:

DPS=Damage per Second. For a weapon, this is the average damage of your weapon, divided by the speed. For a character talking about their overall DPS, this is how much damage they can deal. If someone is looking for DPS for a group like "LF1M for BRD DPS needed" then that means they are looking for you...a rogue.
CP=Combo Point
Crit =Critical Hit. These are attacks that do roughly 2x more damage than normal ones
SS=Sinister Strike
Spec=Specialization. Usually applies to what talent build you have.
CS=Cheap Shot
KS=Kidney Shot
SnD=Slice and Dice
EA=Expose Armor
CB=Cold Blood
BF=Blade Flurry
AR=Adrenaline Rush
CoS=Cloak of Shadows
ShS or SStep=Shadowstep
DD= Dirty Deeds
DT= Dirty Tricks
FF= Fleet Footed
DoT=Damage over Time. These are things like bleeds, which do their damage over a set duration.
Rupt=Rupture -or- Garrote (please don't use this often)
Imp. =refers to getting the improved version of the skill by use of talent points.
Proc=Process. These are listed on weapons as a "Chance on Hit"
AI=Artificial Intelligence, or the computer generated thinking of a creature
Mob=Monster using artificial intelligence to fight.
NPC=Non-Player Character
PvP=Player verses Player
PvE=Player versus Environment (against NPC Mobs only)
PvM=Player versus Monster (against NPC Mobs only)