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3.0 Professions

First Aid, Cooking and Fishing should ALL be trained as rogues have no other way to heal.

Gathering Skills: Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning

  • These are great for selling on the Auction House (AH) for money. You may take two but make sure one of them is Skinning because if you have Mining and Herbalism you cannot search for both on your mini-map at the same time. Herbalism is great for rogues especially for Swiftthistle for cooking Thistle Tea. Skinning is good when coupled with leatherworking to provide you own leather. Mining is good for both Blacksmithing and Engineering.

    Trade Skills: Leatherworking, Alchemy, Engineering, Tailoring, Enchanting, Blacksmithing.

  • Out of these trade skills there is one you simply should not be choosing; tailoring. You can wear leather so there is no need for cloth and it uses up you cloth you need for bandages. Blacksmithing is a weak choice too for the opposite reason; you cannot use any armor greater than leather so you would only be using it for weapons. Leatherworking at endgame is pretty much useless but great up until then. Enchanting is great as you can farm for weapons as a rogue and disenchant all soulbound items you cannot use but keep in mind that it is a huge gold sink early on and requires AH sitting to profit at endgame.. Engineering is the most useful skill because it has all the cool toys that only engineers can use. My personal favorite is alchemy though because if you are buffed up with potions you are able to compete about 2-3 levels higher than not buffed. Alchemy is also great because you will already want to pick up Herbalism to supply yourself with Fadeleaf and Swiftthistle and then you can do something with all those other herbs as well.

    Profession Combo choices:

    Money: Skinning & Herbalism, Skinning & Mining
    Self-Sustaining: Herbalism & Alchemy, Mining & Engineering, Mining & Blacksmithing, Skinning & Leatherworking
    Usefulness without regards to money or supply: Engineering & Enchanting

    Check Chalon's FAQ for more in depth coverage on professions. Found here: topicId=11931383&sid=1