In-game Voice Chat Feature

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In-game Voice Chat Feature

With the 2.2 patch we have introduced voice chat, which allows players to speak with each other in-game by using a microphone.

Voice chat will be disabled by default, in order to enable voice chat for your character please go to the Main Menu in game by pressing the ESC key, then click the Sound & Voice button.

- Confirm your sound options by making sure you have check the Enable Sound option and you have assigned the specific device you wish to use under the Game Sound Output option.
Note: Any change in the Game Sound Output option will require a restart of the game before the change will take effect.

- Once you have confirmed your sound options click on the Voice tab at the bottom of the window. Make certain Enable Voice Chat is checked.

- You can enable your microphone and speaker options here as well as the volume for both outgoing and incoming voice chat. You may also select one of two options for your Voice Chat, either Push-to-talk or Voice Activated.

- Once you are satisfied with your settings click Ok. You may need to restart the game before your settings take full effect.