My pet's hotkeys are missing. How can I get them back?

My pet's hotkeys are missing. How can I get them back

To resolve the issue with your missing pet command hotkeys, please first try the following steps:

1. Type /console reloadui

2. Restore your User Interface to its default settings:

a) Log out of World of Warcraft to your desktop, thereby exiting the game completely.
b) Navigate to the World of Warcraft folder, which is often found in the Program Files directory (the default path is C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft).
c) Either rename (or delete) the WTF, Cache and Interface folders. (Note: If you do not wish to permanently lose any third-party addons you may have accrued, or macros you've written for your characters, you would be well-advised to merely rename the folders, rather than delete them entirely.)
d) Log back into the game by double-clicking WoW.exe, ensuring that you do not reinstall any addons before doing so

3. Type /macro

Click the "new" macro button, select a name for the macro and an icon, then click "Okay."

Type the appropriate script commands (see below) in the macro text field and click "Complete." Note: Each command (attack, follow, stay, etc.) will need to be entered in separately and a name/icon will have to be chosen for each individual command.

Drag the icon from Current Macros to the your hotbar (not the pet's hotbar).

These script commands *are* case sensitive.

  • Attack - /petattack
  • Follow - /petfollow
  • Stay - /petstay
  • Aggressive - /petaggressive
  • Defensive - /petdefensive
  • Passive - /petpassive