Druid Specific Quests

Druid Specific Quests

How do I do the bear form quest

Tauren Version:
At level 10, Gennia Runetotem in Bloodhoof Village will have a druid quest for you. This quest will ask you to speak with Turak Runetotem on Elder Rise of Thunder Bluff. After you have completed this, you will get the next part of the quest.

You will now be given a spell that allows you to teleport to Moonglade. This spell will be in your spellbook under balance. Use this ability whenever you want to get to Moonglade. After you arrive in moonglade, you will have to talk with Dendrite Starblaze (who should be in the building right in front of you).

You will now have to seek out the great bear spirit, who is located in North-West moonglade. Speak with him, and return to Dendrite Starblaze (if you don't know your way back, just teleport and you will be in front of the building again). Speak with him again, and he will tell you that it is time to return to Mulgore. Find your way to about the center of Moonglade, and find the wyvern master. Take the free flight back to Thunder Bluff, then go to Elder Rise and complete this part of the quest.

You will be given some dust to summon Lunaclaw to receive your bear form ability. Luncalaw is just inside of the barrens and to the south, located here: http://www.thottbot.com/ m=2100. This a fairly tough fight, and you may want to have someone help you. The best strategy is to root Luna, then cast some spells before allowing him to get into melee with you. If you fail, abandon the quest and go get the dust again. If you succeed, go back to Elder Rise and you will be taught bear form! Now you will have a new bunch of bear form specefic abilities to choose from at the trainer at higher levels.

Night Elf Version:
Part 1: http://www.rpgexpert.com/3681.html

Part 2: http://www.rpgexpert.com/index.php art/id:3682 (Thanks to Antropov for submitting link)

How do I do the cure poison quest

Night Elf Version
Get quest in darnassus.
Port to moonglade, speak to npc.
Fly to auberdine, (speak to npc ).
Go to cave where clearbrook river starts, use bottle to collect water sample. Careful of aggro level 13-15 mobs.
Back to auberdine.
Collect 12 mushrooms, found in moonkin caves. As well as 5 earthroots, get with herbalism or just get them from another player or AH.
Back to auberdine, get cure.
Find 10 sickly deer and cure them, roams around outside auberdine.
Finish quest.
Get Velidust medecine bag + cure poison spell. (submitted by Annah)

How do I do the water form quest

Tauren Version:
At level 16 your local druid trainer will have a quest for you that will once again take you to moonglade. Use your teleportation spell and speak with Dendrite Starblaze once again. He will ask you to retrieve a bauble from the lake in Moonglade. This can be a difficult quest if you aren't paying attention in the lake. The bauble will be on the bottom of the lake somewhere, usually near the middle. It is small and hard to see, so look carefully.

After you find the bauble, you must quickly head over to the Shrine of Remulos (western Mooonglade) before the timer runs out. Speak with whomever here, and you will receive the next part of the quest.

You will be asked to speak with the "inhabitants" of Moonglade. These "inhabitants" are simply the flight masters located in the center of Nighthaven. One of the pendants is in Sludge Fen, Barrens in a tiny box underwater. The other is in Silverpine, on the North-West shore. Find a large broken boat on the shore, and get ready to swim. Go directly west from the boat, do not stray north or south. Swim down until you find a Bubbly fissure, which should be quite a ways out. You should be perpendicular to the T of the The Great Sea. The box should be near the fissure.

Return to Moonglade, go to the Shrine of Remulos, and combine the two pendants. Return to Dendrite Starblaze to hand in the quest, and you will then be able to get Water Form from you class trainer.

Night Elf Version:


How do I do the Epic (Swift) Flight Form Quest

See this link for a very well put together guide: http://www.servantsofseagis.org/wiki/Epic_Flight_Form_Quest