Maraudon is located in the Western part of the Desolace


Corruption of Earth and Seed - Requires level 45 (level 51 recommended)
Start: Keeper Marandis at Nigel's Point
Rewards: A Rare quality item and 6100 experience
Legends of Maraudon - Requires level 41 (level 49 recommended)
Start: Cavindra in Maraudon
Rewards: 3400 experience
Seed of Life - Requires level 42 (level 51 recommended)
Start: Zaetar's Spirit in Maraudon
Rewards: 1g 50s and 6100 experience
Shadowshard Fragments - Requires level 39 (level 42 recommended)
Start: Archmage Tervosh in Dustwallow Marsh
Rewards: An Uncommon quality item and 2050 experience
Splitrock the Elder - Level 70
Start: Elder Splitrock in Maraudon
Rewards: 75 reputation with all horde or alliance factions
The Pariah's Instructions - Requires level 39 (level 48 recommended)
Start: Centaur Pariah in the Desolace
Rewards: 1g 40s, an Uncommon quality item, and 5450 experience
The Scepter of Celebras - Requires level 43 (level 49 recommended)
Start: Celebras the Redeemed in Maraudon
Rewards: [Scepter of Celebras] and 5700 experience
Twisted Evils - Requires level 41 (level 47 recommended)
Start: Willow in the Desolace
Rewards: an Uncommon quality item, and 5250 experience
Vyletongue Corruption - Requires level 41 (level 47 recommended)
Start: Talendria at Nigel's Point
Rewards: an Uncommon quality item and 5250 experience
Instance Loot

Blade of Eternal Darkness
Albino Crocscale Boots
Blackstone Ring
Bloomsprout Headpiece
Bracers of the Stone Princess
Charstone Dirk
Claw of Celebras
Cloud Stone
Elemental Rockridge Leggings
Eye of Theradras
Fist of Stone
Fungus Shroud Armor
Gatorbite Axe
Gemshard Heart
Gizlock's Hypertech Buckler
Grovekeeper's Drape
Heart of Noxxion
Helm of the Mountain
Infernal Trickster Leggings
Inventor's Focal Sword
Megashot Rifle
Nature's Embrace
Noxious Shooter
Noxxion's Shackles
Phytoskin Spaulders
Princess Theradras' Scepter
Rockgrip Gauntlets
Rotgrip Mantle
Satyr's Lash
Satyrmane Sash
Soothsayer's Headdress
Vinerot Sandals
Brusslehide Leggings
Chloromesh Girdle
Design: Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing
Green Winter Hat
Pendant of Myzrael
Plans: Wicked Mithril Blade

Orange and Purple zones
Maraudon is broken up into three major sections: purple, orange, and princess. The purple and orange sections are fairly straightforward, and any standard group is fine. It does help to have a player or two who can lay down area of effect (AoE) spells as almost every pull will consist of one or two elites along with 4 or 5 non-elites. For alliance, an ideal situation would be to let a paladin throw down an initial consecration to draw aggro and then when he starts his second consecration have your casters AoE. This tactic works well with druids too who can barkskin, run into the middle of the mob, hurricane, and then bear form to tank. After the first few waves of the hurricane hit, have your casters AoE. Finally, you can always just have a mage drop frost nova and then let everyone AoE at their leisure. Just keep the elites focused on the tank(s), and this should be no sweat.

For orange and purple it is also helpful to have a player who can cure poisons, as the non-elites cast poisons which stack and deal a fair amount of damage if left unchecked. Druids and shamans are the best for this task, although paladins work too. If you have a priest main healing, try to find someone who can get rid of poisons. The mobs cast diseases too, which are annoying but less serious.

Princess section
Two tanks make life easier.

Once you get past Celebras (where orange and purple converge) the pulls become noticeably more difficult. The mobs hit harder, have more hitpoints, and have a nasty array of stun, silence, and knockdown effects that ruin casting. Once you get past the roaming hydras, your first pull will be three dinosaurs. These dinos don't hit too hard, but they can silence you for up to 10 sec. Here, having two tanks is very helpful because you must keep these mobs off your casters and healers. A rogue can do the trick, but a warrior, shaman, paladin, druid, or even a hunter's pet would probably be better. Note that silence prevents warriors and bear-formed druids from taunting. Druids and mages make these pulls easier thanks to polymorph and hibernate.

The patrols in this section consist of a few elite rock elementals. When the elites die, they break up into non-elite elementals so it is helpful to have two tanks and some AoE to keep the mobs off the healer and mop up the non-elites quickly.

As you approach princess you will face pulls of two large rock giants. Here, having a second tank (of any kind) is important. These giants hit hard and have a fair amount of hitpoints. Let your main tank focus on one giant and your second tank focus on the other. Focus your DPS on the MT's target first. A rogue really isn't tough enough to tank one of these giants, they hit too hard, and your healer will have to spam heals which might pull aggro. They can be stunned, so if a rogue can keep the giant stunlocked it might work, but then you are losing the rogue's DPS against the MT's target. If you only have one tank, let the tank get a few hits on both giants first before you nuke.

It is definitely better to have two tanks for Princess Theradras herself. She fears and has a knockback which throws whoever has aggro roughly 20-30 yards. Also, she occasionally slams the ground which send out waves dealing about 150 damage (for each wave) and knocking everyone down for several seconds, so you must keep her away from casters or their spells will be interrupted during this AoE knockback. If you have a dwarf priest, put fear wards on your tanks. When she throws back one tank, everyone else stops what they are doing until the second tank establishes aggro. Rogues will not cut it as off-tanks, she hits too hard, and your healer will have to spam heals. If you do only have one available tank, a common strategy is to have them back up into the water towards the walls. When she knocks the MT back, they should be positioned to rebound off the wall and come right back to her.

Useful resistances
Just about everything in Maraudon uses nature spells or poisons. Equipping gear with good nature resistance isn't necessary but will make your life easier. Hunters are very beneficial in this instance thanks to their Aspect of the Wild which gives all group members an extra 45 nature resistance.

Against the princess, shadow resistance is helpful for the tanks to prevent the Fear effect. Once again, this is handy but not necessary.