Add-ons, Macros and UI

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10.0 Add-ons, Macros and UI

The AddOns FAQ by Ozon

UI Add-ons
Addons are little additions that allow users to further customize the look and feel of WoW and its functionality. As WoW continues to evolve so do Addons, at times it can get frustrating to keep track of each Addon and when updates come out, the best solution is to bookmark every addon you are using and go through them once in a while. Another avenue you can follow is to check out UI Compilations, it¡¯s a bunch of Addons compiled together for our convenience.

The two biggest sites that contain addons are:
Curse Gaming:

I personally prefer Worlfofwar because there are no gold advertisements there and it tends to be faster than Curse Gaming (probably because they receive less traffic)

Flexbar is the ultimate bar mod. At first I avoided it like the plague since using /commands is not my idea of a good time. But I tried it out a couple of weeks ago and found it worked exceptionally well with my n52 Gamepad. This is the last bar mod you'll ever need except maybe one more to hide the bars you already have.

Download addid=42

This add-on simply has 2 rows of 5 inventory slots that let you swap 5 pieces of gear in our out of inventory based on whether your mounted or not. It worked well. Its nice for making sure your Carrot / Spurs / Glove Enchant are all equipped and then your stat items are put back in when you dismount.

Download addid=282

This allows you to write easy macros to swap up to 3 sets of weapons in and out including 2 handers and fishing poles. I use this add-on and map it to extra map buttons to make weapon swapping real easy.

Download addid=110

Very nice little add-on. I use this in my bandage macro so that it always picks a bandage out of my bag. Whether they change positions (which breaks some macros) Or I have different types of bandages. As long as I have a "bandage" in the bag this macro works.

Download addid=108

This comes stock with a lot of compilations. Definitely hard to play with out it. Simply displays a countdown on the button thats cooling down. Seeing as all out special abilities have a cooldown this is very nice. Its also been ported to work with Flexbar and half dozen other bar mods out there.

Download addid=33

Itembuff is a nice little add-on that shows you what buffs / poisons you have on your weapons at the moment. Very nice to see how much longer you have on your crippling poison.

Poison Master
This add-on simplifies keeping your poisons and reagents topped off. Can be a little tricky sometimes. Just make sure you have the vendor window open as well as your make poison window and you should be set. id=921

Stun Watch
Gives you a little yellow progress bar to let you know when your stun will end. This add-on is a must have for any rogue that uses stuns... i.e. ALL OF YOU! id=981

Spell Alert
Will throw up the target and the name of the spell being cast. This add-on is great to be able to see if a mage is casting polymorph or a target is trying to heal. Dont be caught off guard again. id=457

Most Popular Compilations by Ozon

This mod has been the most popular mod for about 1.5 years and its still being updated regularly. What more can I say Its what I am currently using.

Cosmos UI
One of the oldest UIs around, some people love it, others hate it

If you have raided you would have definitely heard of CTRaid. Its noteworthy that when Blizzard rolled a patch that would freeze all users having CTRaid while doing Nef, Blizzard changed their code to accommodate CTRaid, not the other way around. Mostly because CTRaid is that hardcore. I do not like CTMod as a whole, not enough bar flexibility, however if you like how the Blizzard UI looks with a few extras this is the perfect mod for you.

One of the lesser known UIs, but it has all the goodies. If you like things to look pleasing to the eye this UI might be worth your time. id=828

Grim Pack
This UI has the most addons out of all packages out there. To keep your sanity you will have to choose what you want to activate and what you do not, however if you are addicted to multiple addons this can serve as a very good base. Moreover its one of the few compilations that has class specific addons. id=2158

Rogue Related Mods by Ozon

BuyPoisons Remix ¨C Buying poisons made easy

PoisonPouch ¨C Applying poisons through a minimap button (for the lazy)

Roguetracker ¨C This mod rocks, it keeps track of anything that is important to you as a rogue

Energywatch Countdown ¨C 120 energy instead of 100, well not really, but timing is everything

CCWatch ¨C Stun lock rogues, this is a must have, keeps track of your CCs


Installing AddOns is a lot easier than one would think.
1. Go to your WoW directory (ex: C:\\Program Files\World of Warcraft)
2. Create a directory called Interface
3. Create a directory called AddOns in the Interface folder
4. Locate downloaded UIs
5. Unzip them in a temporary folder
6. Move the UI folder to C:\\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns
7. Start WoW, after logging in at the Character Select screen click on the AddOns button to the left.
8. Enable all the UIs you have downloaded, make sure to click on Load anyway for older versions
9. Start the game and enjoy

I suggest unzipping the UIs in a temp folder because depending on the UI they either already have the Interface/AddOns coded in or not making it annoying to have to search your directories to find out if the UI is where its supposed to be at or not.

Also some UIs do not load by themselves you might have to type a /slash command to activate them or modify their options. Go to the page you downloaded the UI from and it will probably mention the command there if not try the name of the UI it will probably work. Finally if you have too many UIs you might have to update the MB allowed for the UI, right now mine is on 75 MB.

Macro List topicId=14753344&sid=1

Switch main to off hand weapons
/script PickupInventoryItem(16); PickupInventoryItem(17);

Accept quest, don't wait for the scrolling
/script AcceptQuest()

A "block incoming trades" toggle button.
/script if GetCVar("BlockTrades") == "1" then SetCVar("BlockTrades", "0") else SetCVar("BlockTrades", "1"); end

Assist target
/assist %t
/script AttackTarget();

Bandage and re-target (backpack is 0, so if you have a bandage on your backpack at the top left it will be 0,1)
/target YourNameHere
/script UseContainerItem(Bag#, Item#);
/script TargetLastEnemy();

Sinister Strikes until 5 CPs and then casts Evis
/script GCP=GetComboPoints();
/script if (GCP < 5) then CastSpellByName("Sinister Strike(Rank #") else CastSpellByName