The Transmutation Quest Requirements

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Transmutation is one of three trade skill specializations that have chosen alchemy as one of their primary trade skills. The other two are potions and elixirs.

Alchemy traditionally involves the attempt to turn base metals into gold, and this is how the World of Warcraft designers implemented transmutation. Actually turning lead into gold is not possible in World of Warcraft, as lead is not a resource available to players, but alchemists who choose transmutation are capable of turning iron into gold.

The quest required for a World of Warcraft character to learn transmutation as his trade skill specialization is simple, but it requires a lot of farming or the expenditure of 400 gold to buy the 4 primal mights needed for the quest. A character does not need to make anything with his alchemy skill..

The Transmutation Quest Requirements

Alliance and Horde transmutation candidates must hand in four Primal Mights to the quest giver appropriate to their faction. Alliance characters will visit an NPC named Zarehvi at Stormspire in Netherstorm. Horde characters must visit an NPC in Thrallmar. The horde quest NPC can be found at location 52, 36.

Players must have the World of Warcraft expansion the Burning Crusade installed. A character who wishes to specialize in the transmutation branch of alchemy must be level 68 and have at least a 300 skill in Alchemy, according to Thottbot.

Transmutation Considerations in World of Warcraft

Trade skill specializations are often not chosen for the additional money a character can earn by learning them, bur rather how useful the specialization is to the player's character. The long cool down time on many of the transmutation stones means that while there is a demand for transmutation services, it will be one day or more before a character can sell his services again.

Any use of transmutation has a 10-25% chance of an additional item being created. Up to four additional items can be created this way, but after the first additional item is created, that has a 10-15% chance of creating the next item. The process repeats can create five items from one use of a philosopher's stone..