Wildstar Housing Guide

Housing is a feature available early in the game, you may purchase one from a Proto-star specialist. They will immediately send you to your sky plot after purchase. You start off with simple designs and can build them up into more desirable designs with different features, the inner outer, walls, roofs, doors, windows, wallpapers and furniture can all be changed or added onto your home. Items in your home such as furniture are not restricted by physics, you can make chairs, tables, flower pots, shelves and everything else float.

You can scale items inside the house to be five times bigger or smaller, and have up to a plethora of items in your house.

For more about house customization see Customizing your house.


Each character will be able to own their own house but can be accessed by other characters on your account by adding them as a neighbor. Houses can be decorated both inside and out. Decorations and furniture will be available through crafting, vendors, as quest rewards and via loot drops.

Exterior plugs can be created through the use of FABkits, these can be used for challenges, decoration, dungeons, buffs, crafting and resource gathering.

wildstar housing

You can set permissions on your house like who can visit or decorate your house. If you upgrade your neighbor to a Roommate, he will have permission to decorate your house interior. You can visit random players’ housing plots if they marked their plot as Public. This feature can be found in the bottom-right of the Neighbors UI (in the Social Panel). If you mark your plot as Private, random players will not be able to visit your home. This feature can be found in the upper-left of the Neighbors UI (in the Social Panel)

You get increased rested XP when you log off inside your house, more decor items in your house will give you more rested XP. Rested exp is awarded to both the player who owns the house and any of their neighbours who log off in the house. bonus exp is awarded by 5 buffs, Ambience, Aroma, Comfort, Pride and Lighting. Decor Items that award these buffs will have a tag associated with them when they are in the players housing crate that will indicate both the type and size off the buff. Each buff comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Completing housing-related objectives will reward you with meta achievements. Interior and exterior lighting customization allow home owners to customize the ambient lighting of a house, on a room by room basis and placing of decorative items and furniture is not bound to specific locations, so anything is possible.

Acquiring housing items

Around the map housing items have a chance to drop from mobs which you kill in the open world, from crafting and from quest rewards.

Rested XP

When you log off in your home you are granted rest XP based on the amount and rarity of the items inside your home. So the better things you have and the more things you have makes more rested XP.

Sockets & plugs

Around your home is an area of land which you are able to build facilities on, these are called sockets. The things you build on top of them are called plugs. You can build Mine sites and farms which you can harvest resources from. Additionally you are able to create craft stations on your land. Your plugs will give you daily quests which you can complete for rewards.

Other players access

Others players are able to make use of your land if you give them permissions. They are able to look after your land while you are gone and take a portion of the money.


Houses can have expeditions; a type of dungeon that you enter on your own or with your friends, which will scale accordingly.

Building and edition

Everyone would like to have their own strip of land, somewhere in the wilderness, to be able to build his little house. In Wildstar, this is an option and everyone, who reaches level 14, may receive their own land.

After you meet the requirements, you only need to go to the capital city and you should receive a quest to obtain the house. It mainly consists in seeing the styles of various interiors, after which you go to the nearby hologram of a house. You will then get to your own plot.

The first thing that you need to do is erect your own house. Above the skill bar, there should appear the options that you need to use:

Landspace - building of structures on your own land. With this panel, you can build your own, first house. The majority of houses that you can build depend on your level so, you start with only several possibilities. There is no option here, for you to decide where to put walls or about the layout of rooms.

Apart from the house, you can create a garden for yourself, the venue site or mines, which are going to regenerate the deposits of minerals. Very useful for crafting. Of course, such things go to waste, after a while and you need to put them up again, after a while.

Apart from that, you can build the site for challenges which, after being completed, provide you with rewards. Challenges regenerate after some time.

Apart from that, you can also upgrade them. To upgrade a structure, e.g. a mine, you need to have the appropriate FabKit. Fabkits can be obtained while exploring the world, for quests and, most often, by crafting.

House - you determine the looks of the exterior. The looks of the roof, door and the sky. You can specify that fireworks should crack in the skies, for the whole time.

Crate - this is your inventory of the items that you can put up on your entire estate. If you have the adornments in your regular inventory, you first need to click the right mouse button, for that item to be transferred to the Crate. Now you only need to click on "Place" to set the item on the ground.

Vendor - this is a store with various items, which you can buy for your house. Usually, they cost quite a bit.

List - this is the list with all the items that you have placed on your land. Now you have the house and you would like to adorn it. You simply need to access the Crate and select what you want to place. Click "Place", and the item will appear on the ground. I recommend that you click on the item and drag it where you want it to be placed, in general. Then, access the "Toggle Advanced Control" tab. This should open a window of advanced edition, where you can set the size of the item, move it around and rotate, as much as you want.


Apart from the looks, the house can also provide you with several bonuses, which are sure to reinforce your character.

Buff board- it is always located next to the teleporter outside. Once a day, you can select an buff for higher experience from dungeons, from quests and monsters, or additional experience from PvP. It remains active for the next 23h but, if you die, you lose it irreversibly.

Rest EXP - nowhere can you get more rest experience than in your own house. The more items, which increase the comfort, are there, the more additional experience you receive, while away from the game. After you are back, you do not receive it immediately but, you will be able to see it in the bonus for defeating monsters.

Additional Crafting resources- on your property, you can put up a mine, an excavation site, or any other place where, you can obtain resources, without the necessity to explore the entire map.

Challenge sites - on the property, you can also put up sites in which you will, occasionally, be receiving challenges. For completing these challenges, you are rewarded with random rewards, just like in the outside world.

Customizing Your House

Now let’s get to the main part, the center of all the attention: your home. You can customize your house by accessing the House menu, which gives you options for remodeling the exterior design, the sky design, and allow you to name your property according to your liking.

The options here are plenty to work with, and customizing them to your liking is one of the most fun aspects of housing. You have five categories to work with: Roof, Sky, Walls, Entry, and Door. Unleash your creativity with these options and experiment around to make your home as fancy and comfortable looking from the outside as possible.

In addition to exterior parts of the house, you have plenty of choices when it comes to designing and decorating the interior. To start your customization of the interior, enter inside the house and head to the Room category.

Like the exterior part of the house, there are five categories to choose and fiddle with: Ceiling, Trim, Walls, Floor, and the Lighting. You can do tons with the options available, and also view a preview of what they’d look like in combination before making the final purchase.


The Crate
You’ll come across plenty of Décor and items you may want to store and utilize later on, and that is what the Crate is for. This is basically your storage location in which you can place your decors in.

In order to place a décor in the crate, all you need to do is right click it when it is displayed in the filter, then navigate to Toggle advanced controls, Linking an item, and Send to Crate.

You’ll find plenty of décor during your travels and adventures, and it’s never too bad to have them stored safely for later use.

There is obviously a limit to how much you can store: Lights have a limit of 20, mannequins a limit of 5, whereas the total décor limit is 800 inside, while 300 can be placed outside.

Try fiddling around with the additional sizing and linking options available to you in the crate – this should help you organize better so you have ease of access later on when you are planning to decorate your home.

The vendor is where you can purchase items of décor. Once an item is purchased, it will automatically go to you crate. The prices vary according to the type of décor and what bonuses (if any) it offers.

For your convenience, the items with the vendor are sorted by category.

Housing Tips

  • All races and classes can have a special style of house in WildStar, but the housing model availability will be faction-restricted
  • Each character on your account can own a house
  • You can choose between hundreds of housing decor items, but the number of decor items that can be placed is limited.
  • You can find items for your house all over the game as random monster drops, quest rewards, tradeskill items, Path mission rewards, or simply buy them from vendors.
  • You can upgrade your housing plots with FaBkits (e.g. garden lvl 1 to garden lvl 2). All paths receive FaBkits as quest rewards or random drops, but the Settler tends to get them more often.
  • Logging off in your house gives you rested experience bonus, more decor items in your house will give you more rested XP.
  • Once you hit level cap, logging off in your house gives you elder gem bonus
  • You can get a 24h buff, boosting your experience gained in group/solo/PvP content.
  • You can set permissions on your house like who can visit or decorate your house.
  • If you upgrade your neighbor to a Roommate, he will have permission to decorate your house interior.
  • You can visit random players’ housing plots if they marked their plot as Public.
  • Completing housing-related objectives will reward you with meta achievements.
  • Various buildings can start challenges and some even contain level scaled, solo/group mini-dungeons.
  • Players can access portals to raids from their houses and gain different buffs.
  • Expedition is a type of plug that you can put on your property that connects to a scaled group instance
  • You can build farms, thickets, ore and relic sites to grow and farm crafting materials.
  • You can build portals to other zones.
  • If you choose Architect as your Tradeskill profession, you will be able to craft housing items.

Decorating your house and its surrounding

Some decor items increase the resting bonus experience. You’ll probably receive a few before hitting level 14. Now you can put them in a crate by right clicking them and access the crate through the third button on the toolbar (the box icon) and you can see how much bonus to rested experience each item gives. Click on the decor item and right click anywhere you want to place it. Right click on the placed decor and it moves back to the crate (there is a button to return every placed decor back to the crate).

Once you place the decor, you can edit it -change its size with a small slide bar underneath, rotate it (hold the right click on one of two green handle bars around the item) or access advanced controls by clicking on the wrench button on the decor item. There you can link this item to another decor item so they move, rotate and scale together. Just click on the link button and right click on a decor you want it linked to.

If you have enough time and creativity you can combine decors and create something unique this way. On the left side you will get another screen where you can adjust its size, rotation and position and copy those settings so you could just paste them to another item.Additional decor items can be bought by pressing the fourth button on the toolbar.