WoW Dragonflight Soulbind Abilities

Agent of Chaos
Ascendant Phial
Battlefield Presence
Bearer’s Pursuit
Better Together
Bond of Friendship
Bonded Hearts
Bonesmith’s Satchel
Bron’s Call to Action
Built for War
Called Shot
Cartilaginous Legs
Carver’s Eye
Charged Additive
Cleansed Vestments
Cleansing Rites
Combat Meditation
Cunning Dreams
Dauntless Duelist
Dream Delver
Effusive Anima Accelerator
Emeni’s Ambulatory Flesh
Emeni’s Magnificent Skin
Empowered Chrysalis
Enduring Gloom
Ever Forward
Exacting Preparation
Expedition Leader
Exquisite Ingredients
Face Your Foes
Faerie Dust
Familiar Predicaments
Fancy Footwork
Fatal Flaw
Field of Blossoms
First Strike
Focusing Mantra
Forgeborne Reveries
Forgelite Filter
Friends in Low Places
Get In Formation
Gnashing Chompers
Gristled Toes
Grove Invigoration
Hammer of Genesis
Hearth Kidneystone
Heirmir’s Arsenal: Gorestompers
Heirmir’s Arsenal: Marrowed Gemstone
Heirmir’s Arsenal: Ravenous Pendant
Hold the Line
Hold Your Ground
Hope Springs Eternal
Horn of the Wild Hunt
Hunt’s Exhilaration
Intimidation Tactics
It’s Always Tea Time
Kevin’s Keyring
Kevin’s Oozeling
Lead by Example
Leisurely Gait
Let Go of the Past
Life is but an Appetizer
Life of the Party
Light the Path
Mnemonic Equipment
Move As One
Nature’s Splendor
Newfound Resolve
Nimble Steps
Niya’s Tools: Burrs
Niya’s Tools: Herbs
Niya’s Tools: Poison
Ooz’s Frictionless Coating
Party Favors
Path of the Devoted
Phial of Patience
Plagueborn Cleansing Slime
Plaguey’s Preemptive Strike
Pointed Courage
Pustule Eruption
Reactive Retrofitting
Refined Palate
Regenerating Materials
Regenerative Stone Skin
Resilient Plumage
Resilient Stitching
Resonant Accolades
Resourceful Fleshcrafting
Road of Trials
Run Without Tiring
Runeforged Spurs
Serrated Spaulders
Service In Stone
Sinful Preservation
Skillful Duelist
Social Butterfly
Sole Slough
Soothing Shade
Soothing Voice
Soulglow Spectrometer
Soulsteel Clamps
Sparkling Driftglobe Core
Spear of the Archon
Stay on the Move
Sulfuric Emission
Superior Tactics
Survivor’s Rally
Swift Impale
Swift Patrol
Thrill Seeker
Token of Appreciation
Travel with Bloop
Ultimate Form
Unbreakable Body
Undulating Maneuvers
Valiant Strikes
Viscous Trail
Volatile Solvent
Vorkai Ambush
Vorkai Sharpening Techniques
Waking Bone Breastplate
Waking Dreams
Wasteland Propriety
Watch the Shoes!
Wild Hunt Strategem
Wild Hunt Tactics
Wild Hunt’s Charge

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