Equipping for PvP & PvE

Equipping for PvP & PvE (& more info on important stats)

Druids are heavily reliant on their gear to be able to perform whatever role they¡¯ve chosen. Whether you are Feral, Balance, or Restoration, you will be significantly less effective compared to a well-geared druid if you do not carefully select your equipment. Most high level Druids carry at the very least two equipment sets on them at all times, with some carrying as high as seven (with some cross over items). To make it easier to manage your gear, you may want to look for the Wardrobe add-on which will let you easily select your desired equipment.

Here are some stats you should focus on at lower levels. At high levels (60 to 70), other stats will become available that you will want to pick up. By that point, you should be able to figure out the right balance of stats for what you want to do.

Feral PvE:
Primarily STR/STA/AGI/INT. STR is your most important stat, since has a direct effect on your Attack Power (1 STR = 2 AP). Stamina keeps you alive longer, so it is the second stat to look for. In all forms, AGI will give you more crit, as well as a AC and Dodge bonus. Agility helps your Attack Power in cat(1 agi = 1AP), but not in bear. So, agility is better for cat than bear, though strength is still more important than AGI for both forms. For bear, your AC and stamina will be important for tanking. At higher levels, dodge and defense become important for feral tanking. Do not completely neglect your INT stat, so that you have mana available for emergency heals (for yourself or others). Spirit is not a useful stat for feral druids.

Healing PvE:
Yes, even as a Feral Druid, you will be called on to heal perhaps more often than you would like. Primary stats INT/STA/SPI. You should still try to maintain a reasonable HP/Mana balance because a dead healer (or one that runs out of mana) does no one any good. Feel free to use anything with +healing on it. Do not be afraid to throw a couple of cloth pieces in if the stat increase is worthwhile. Also, do not be afraid do drop to bear form if needed. You will still get the higher stamina and AC bonus, allowing you to hold out longer than you would as a caster.

Balance PvE:
Intellect is your friend. We have two talents in the Balance tree now that are based off of intellect, so your want your Int stat to be as high as possible, especially once you hit those talents. Your next best stats are Stamina and Spirit. You also want to invest in +spell damage once this stat is available to you. You shouldn't spend a lot of time in mele, so STR and AGI will not help you very much.

Gearing for PvP:
At lower levels (especially in the 19 & 29 level range), stamina is by far the most important stat in PvP since it will keep you alive. Intellect is important, since a balance of HP/Mana is required to maintain flexibility, as well as be able to shift in and out of snares. For ferals, STR/AGI apply just as in PvE for helping you do DPS. At higher levels, other stats become important.

The following are important formulas
For additional info on stats, see: http://druid.wikispaces.com/Druid_Game_Mechanics#tocDruid_Game_Mechanics0

Here are the basics:
1 str = 2AP
With HotW (in cat form): 1 str = 2.4 AP
1 AGI = 1 AP cat form only
14 AP = 1dps

1% dodge is 14.7 AGI
1% crit is 25 AGI

1AGI = 2AC

The base is 1 stam = 10 HP.
Your actual HP increase from 1 stam on a piece of armor, however, can be increased in many ways. The max HP/Stam with talents in bear form for NEs is: 15.45. The max for Tauren druids is: 16.2225

Intellect: (untalented):
1 int = 15 mana.
Like Stam, your actual mana increase from 1 int on you gear will increase with talents.

Other info
Dire Bear and Moonkin armor is calculated as 400% of items (agi bonus, armor kits, and enchants are not included in this calculation) This can be raised with the Thick Hide talent.

Weapon procs listed "on hit" (eg. Crusader/Fiery)do NOT currently proc in forms (moonkin aside).
Trinkets/armor that are listed as "on hit" DO proc in forms (Maelstrom, Elementals decks).
+Atk speed enchants DO work in forms.

When looking for Feral weapons, go for those with the best stats, not necessarily the best DPS, because weapon DPS still will not matter when in forms. You aren't using the weapon itself, but you still get the stat bonuses.

Enchants: (my section was outdated. I may update later).

Druid Speed( what stacks with what)

How to rebind your Shapeshifting Keys
Your shapeshifting keys are default bound to ctrl-F1 through ctrl-F4. Not the most comfortable position for most people.
To rebind them in the default Interface:
Special Action Buttons 1-4
Bind them as you will.