Holy Priest/Warrior

Holy Priest/Warrior
You have the advantage here, but if they get some mana burns off on you they can win.
Your warrior will sit on their priest, this will prevent mana burns on you, but it will also force their warrior to either go on you, or sit on your warrior and feed him rage. (when he isn¡¯t being rooted or cyclone, which should be for 90% of the fight.)
The warriors will charge each other, when they do, get to max range, faerie fire their warrior(more dps) and lifebloom yours. As soon as your warrior can, he needs to intercept the priest and get on him. Their warrior will then either turn to you, or go after your warrior.

If he sticks on your warrior(Most will):
This is tricky because you need to make sure you¡¯re always as far away as you can to be able to LOS burns, but making sure that you¡¯re always in LOS to heal your warrior. You need to keep a very close on the priest, like always, to make sure he isn¡¯t dispelling your warrior¡¯s hots. Do your best to make sure the other warrior is on lockdown, cycloning/rooting him nonstop to give your warrior as much time alone with the priest as possible. If the Priest is dispelling your warrior, it¡¯s costing him mana, but if your warrior ever gets to around 50%, he needs to shield up until you bring him back to full, because a chastise->fear(from either either priest or warrior) combo can sometimes give them enough time to finish off your warrior. Because the warrior is on your warrior, you should be able to CC him easily, but be mindful of the priest to prevent eating a mana burn. (/wave pwyff <3) Eventually, the priest will go oom from staying alive, then you can finish them off.

If he goes to you(very rare)
Survive. The Warrior will not be able to kill you before your warrior kills their priest. You should have no trouble escaping a warrior, but if he gets really lucky with stuns and gets your low, a timely intercept/intervene +disarm from your warrior will save you. You likely won¡¯t be able to CC him as much, but since the warrior will be on the other side of a pillar from you, he's being controlled just as well as if he was rooted/cycloned.

-Rank 1 MF/Faerie Fire on the rooted warrior to give your roots dispel fodder that the priest has to dispel through.
Do your best to stay far away and next to a pillar to give yourself both LOS breaking and your warrior an escape option via intervene.

Holy Priest/Rogue
This match is fun because you get to play the game ¡°How much did my warrior just crit that rogue for ¡±. LOS the burns, and Have your warrior sit on the rogue and shove his weapon down the rogue¡¯s throat.
This fight is generally easy, but can turn very bad if the priest mana burns you. Have the warrior start on the priest, and when the rogue pops out on your warrior, get to max range, then abolish/hot the warrior. Whenever you get feared, your warrior may need to switch to the priest to stop the mana burns via pummel or mace stun.
The Rogue will either stay on the warrior, or jet straight for you, depending on the other team¡¯s playstyle.

They Play conservative (Go for the warrior) (Standard play):
The Priest will be following you around nonstop, trying to get the game-tipping fear->mana burn mana burn->chastise mana burn combo off. The key here is abolish poison on the warrior, and keeping a VERY close eye on the priest to see if he¡¯s dispelling the abolishes/hots off the warrior. Your warrior needs to keep the priest hamstrung whenever he can, you can do this easily by intervening to you, (since the priest will be closer to you) hamstringing him, then intercepting back to the rogue. With Hamstring on the priest, you should be able to stay far away from him/Losing his burns while keeping hots/abolish on your warrior pretty easily. The only real ¡°danger¡± here is eating a fear->blind->sap combo and having them both finish off your warrior, so you two need to be very away of what¡¯s going on. If you get feared, and the warrior sees the priest start attacking him instead of mana burning you, he needs to shield/spell reflect and start pillar kiting. A bigger sign that they¡¯re about to burn you down will be that the rogue will start running after you when you get feared, this is because he¡¯s trying to get off a blind/sap combo on you.
Once the Priest goes oom from healing the rogue, you win. The biggest thing for you here is to WATCH THE PRIEST¡¯S DISPELS, making sure than you keep abolish up at all times, a 5x stacked wound poison can be very, very bad.

They Play Aggressive(Go for you):
The Priest will be following you around nonstop slamming dispel and trying to mana burn while the rogue unloads all his cooldowns into you in hopes of getting mace stuns and burning you down. Your warrior is Sitting on the rogue (Making sure to ALWAYS keep 10 rage up for a piercing howl in case the rogue sprints or vanishes so you can get away, and keeping hamstring on both the rogue and the priest. Unless they proc a lot of lucky mace stuns, you should be able to get away with hamstring on both the rogue and priest. Watch the mana burns here, the priest will sometimes try to chain mana burn while the rogue keeps you locked up. Pillar kiting here is very dangerous as well, because you either have to run into the rogue to get stunlocked, or the priest to get feared/mana burned. This is a fight where you want to stay at max range from the rogue/priest as much as possible, and popping out at max range in the beginning really helps. If the rogue catches you with the priest about to catch up to you to fear you, you can have your warrior intercept/hamstring the priest, the intervene back to you to buy yourself extra 2-5 seconds before the priest gets close enough to fear you. The Priest will go oom soon enough because of how much damage you warrior is ramming into the rogue, then simply finish them off for a win.

-Evasion means your warrior is hitting the rogue every 5 seconds. Usually they will pop evasion when they feel they need to get heals, so when he pops evasion, have the warrior call it out, and cyclone the priest. (unless they're on you, then you're generally to busy running away. He can switch to the priest here to build rage.)
Adrenoline rush is a scary thing, an AR rogue can rip your warrior apart. When he blows AR, your warrior needs to call it and swich to the priest, while you cyclone the rogue. When AR is over, switch back. (Again, if they're aggressive, you're to busy to cyclone, so your warrior can continue to beat on the rogue since the rogue isn't targeting the warrior)
-Keep Faerie fire on the Rogue, it reduces his armor and means he has to use cloak to vanish.
-Pick up Shadow Sight, it prevents the blind/sap combos that can kill your warrior.
-10 rage at all times to Piercing howl the rogue out of vanishes/sprints.