4.2 Combat

Backstab (Combo Move) (Requires Daggers) - Backstab the target, causing +X% weapon damage plus Y to the target. Must be behind the target. This ability uses a lot of energy. You can backstab fleeing monsters. Backstab will automatically target the nearest enemy if no target is selected.
Feint - Perform a Feint, causing no damage but lowering your threat a small amount. The point of this ability is to reduce the amount of monster hate so a target will attack another party member that is better equipped to handle the attack such as a Paladin or Warrior.

Sinister Strike (Combo Move) - A wicked strike that adds X damage to your normal weapon damage. This is typically the main skill used for generating Combo Points.

Gouge (Combo Move) - Causes X damage and dazes the opponent for Y seconds. Target must be facing you. Any damage caused to the target will break Gouge. Cancels combat if successful. This ability can give you time to run, or can allow you to get behind the monster for a Backstab.

Kick - A quick kick that injures a single foe for X damage and interrupts the spell being cast Y% of the time for Z seconds. This ability should be used against spell casters to interrupt them when they are in the process of casting. Watch for the casting animation, and then wait until you have enough energy to Kick. Good Rogue players are always on top of using Kick.