Blade's Edge Arena Location:how to get to Blade's Edge Arena

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The Circle of Blood Arena, also called Blade's Edge Arena, is an arena located in Blade's Edge Mountains, north of Thunderlord Stronghold. It was, along with the Ring of Trials arena, added in The Burning Crusade and thus among the first arenas added to the game. Unlike most arenas, Circle of Blood can be accessed in the outdoor world in addition to its instanced version, serving as a PvA arena. The arena is ogre-styled.

Location Blade's Edge Mountains,Outland
Arena info
Advised level 90
Minimum level 70

Arena layout

This arena is rectangular shaped. The starting areas for both sides are on opposite corners. A bridge spans the middle of the arena with ramps on both ends. Under the bridge is a pit and 2 pillars. Deceased players may watch the fight from the pit. In addition, there are two platforms on each side of the bridge which may be reached by jumping or running across the ropes leading from the bridge to them.

Like all arenas, after five minutes, two Shadow Sight power ups would appear on the platfroms that let the user see stealthed and invisible characters; however, it also increases the damage taken by 5%.


  • Line of sight can be crucial here. For example, if someone is bombarding you from the bridge with spells, stepping under the bridge will stop them.
  • The pillars, in addition to the platforms, can be strategically used in order to escape the line of sight of casters. Healers must be aware when their teammates are behind these pillars.
  • If an annoying pet is attacking you, simply jump off the bridge. The pet will have to run around in order to reach you, giving you some time to drink or avoid abilities like [Bestial Wrath]or [Spell Lock].
  • A healer can jump off the bridge in order to channel spells like [Tranquility] or [Divine Hymn] (hopefully) without being interrupted.
  • Druids can use feral charge ( [Feral Charge] or [Feral Charge]) for a quick teleport to the top of the arena.
  • Don't get trapped in the middle of two or three players on the bridge. If you're running a 5 man then you might want to have a player on each side to knock out attackers while the ones in the middle attacks.
  • This can potentially be a very caster-friendly arena. If a caster controls the bridge and is facing off against a melee class, the melee class will have to make their way around and up to the bridge before they can do any damage.