WoW Hellfire Assault Notable Trash Mobs

Iron Bulwark

The Iron Bulwark area of Hellfire Citadel has a substantial amount of trash. Once players clear the area of trash, Siegemaster Mar'tak will send a large wave of trash running along the ramparts towards the left-side Hellfire Cannon. After players defeat this wave, a similar wave will approach the right-side Hellfire Cannon.

Gorebound Terrors cast Fel Volley non-stop, dealing very high raid damage
Several of the mobs that players will encounter in the Hellfire Assault trash will reappear in the boss fight as Hellfire Reinforcements, and will be described in detail here. The most important of these enemies in the actual boss fight is the Gorebound Felcaster.
  • Gorebound Felcasters will cast Incinerate and Felfire Volley occasionally
  • When Gorebound Felcasters reach 50% health, they will begin to cast Metamorphosis, and will transform into Gorebound Terrors if this cast finishes
  • Gorebound Terrors will repeatedly cast Felfire Volley until killed, dealing very high raid damage
  • Metamorphosis, and the Terror's casts of Felfire Volley, cannot be interrupted
Hulking Berserkers are also dangerous, requiring tank-swaps or quick kills to prevent them from overpowering the tanks.
  • Berserkers will use Slam on their current target approximately every 8 seconds, causing the tank to take additional Physical damage for 12 seconds
  • This effect stacks, resulting in extremely heavy tank damage
  • The optimal tank-swapping strategy is to swap at 2 stacks, but this results in very frequent swapping that may be impractical during trash fights
  • Berserkers also cast Cower!, dealing armor-piercing Physical damage to players within 20 yards and applying a movement speed reduction
  • Ranged DPS and healers should stay more than 20 yards from the Berserkers to avoid this damage
Contracted Engineers are less significant, but their abilities require the raid to spread out somewhat and move infrequently.
  • Conducted Shock Pulse will target a random player and spread to up to 3 other nearby players
  • Affected players take moderate Nature damage and will be stunned for 6 seconds
  • The stun can be dispelled by healers
  • Engineers will also periodically leap to a random player and cast Boom, summoning three bombs in a small cluster
  • After 10 seconds, these bombs will explode, dealing heavy damage to players within 5 yards
  • Players must watch for nearby armed bombs and move away

Siege Nova
Iron Dragoons are simple trash mobs that deal melee damage.

Players will also encounter two Fel-Infused Siege Weapons in the Iron Bulwark.
  • Felfire Flamebelchers will aim Belch Flame at a random player, launching a scattered volley of flames that deal moderate damage to players within 3 yards of the impact of each projectile
  • Felfire Demolishers target Siege Nova at a random distant player, creating a large red targeting reticule
  • Shortly thereafter, the Demolisher fires mortars that land in a teardrop-shaped pattern, stretching from the Demolisher to the reticule
  • Players within 3 yards of these mortars will take moderate to heavy Fire damage
  • Several seconds later, the Demolisher then fires another, larger mortar at the center of the targeting reticule
  • This mortar will damage all players within 100 yards, but players can reduce the amount of damage they take by moving far away from the mortar's impact point


There are also two mini-bosses that players must defeat in this area: Grand Corruptor U'rogg and Grute. These mini-bosses are also part of the Mythic Hellfire Assault encounter.

Grand Corruptor U'rogg is a powerful caster enemy, with AoE damage and self-healing abilities.
  • Corruption Nova creates a pattern of small green ruptures on the ground, which erupt several seconds later to deal moderate damage to players within 2 yards
  • Corruption Bolt deals moderate Shadow damage to U'rogg's current target
  • Corruption Siphon targets a random player and deals a large amount of damage to them, leaving a debuff that will absorb healing equal to the damage dealt
Grute has the same abilities as the Hulking Berserkers.

Felfire Braziers
In addition, there are four other adds that players will encounter in this trash:
  • Gorebound Fanatics will Kaboom, haphazardly throwing explosives in the area around them
  • Gorebound Cauterizers will cast Fel Shock on their current target, summon Felfire Braziers that fling fire at the ground that deals damage to nearby players, and will heal other enemy mobs with Blazing Wounds
  • Gorebound Corruptors have the same Corruption Bolt and Corruption Siphon abilities that Grand Corruptor U'rogg has
  • Siegeworks Technicians throw Felflame Crates at random players, dealing moderate fire damage to players within the impact zone
While fighting this trash, players should be careful not to pull too many enemies at once, particularly when Gorebound Felcasters are present. The kill priority should be as follows:
  • Gorebound Terrors
  • Any mini-boss in the pack
  • Hulking Berserkers
  • Gorebound Cauterizers
  • Gorebound Felcasters
  • The remaining mobs are not very dangerous and can be killed with AoE and incidental cleave
Once all the trash is cleared, Siegemaster Mar'tak and several accompanying adds will enter the Iron Bulwark. Players should stay back, near the Cannons, to avoid prematurely beginning the encounter.