WoW Kormrok Pits of Mannoroth

The trash in the Pits of Mannoroth, Kormrok's room, is very challenging and highlights some of the abilities that will be used in the Kormrok encounter. There are five packs of enemies:
  • In the center of the room, Togdrov is surrounded by three casters - a Fel Extractor, Shadow Infuser, and a Fiery Enkindler
  • Patrolling around the edge of the room is a Keen-Eyed Gronnstalker, an Armored Skullsmasher, and a Grim Ambusher
  • Two Shadow Infusers are channeling spells on Sovokk at the Shadowy Pool
  • Two Fiery Enkindlers are channeling spells on Morkronn at the Fiery Pool
  • Four Fel Extractors are channeling spells on Kormrok at the Foul Pool - pulling them does not engage Kormrok
Since all of these trash mobs have difficult mechanics, players should be cautious and avoid pulling more than one pack at any time. It is best to wait for the patrolling Gronnstalker/Skullsmasher/Ambusher pack and pull them back to the entrance of the Pits of Mannoroth in order to kill them with little risk of pulling additional mobs. Next, pull the Togdrov pack in the center of the room, then Sovokk, then Morkronn, and finally the Fel Extractors near Kormrok.

Move away from Slag Traps
The Gronnstalker/Skullsmasher/Ambusher pack uses the following abilities:
  • The Armored Skullsmasher will Mule Kick the current tank, knocking him back and dealing heavy damage. He will then use Charging Strike to rush to a distant enemy's location, dealing moderate damage to players at the end of the path. After returning to the tank, he will then use Mighty Smash, knocking back and injuring all players within 5 yards.
  • The Keen-Eyed Gronnstalker targets tanks with Shoot, will cast Multi-Shot in random directions, and throws out Slag Traps that will deal heavy fire damage to nearby players when detonated.
  • The Grim Ambusher simply melees the tank, and will leap around occasionally.
Players should spread out to avoid excessive Multi-Shot and Slag Traps damage, and the tank who is tanking the Armored Skullsmasher can bait the Charging Strikes by aiming Mule Kick so that the tank will always be the farthest-away target to charge to.

Togdrov, Sovokk, and Morkronn have similar ability sets. These enemies will deal heavy melee damage to the tank and will use two abilities: Smash and Grasping Hands. Smash is a simple raid-wide AoE that deals heavy damage; Grasping Hands will target 3 players with a mechanic similar to the one used by Kormrok in the boss encounter.
  • Upon completing the cast, three small ripples in the ground will travel to three randomly-chosen players
  • When the ripples reach their destination, a large rune will form and a Grasping Hand will emerge immediately if there is still a player standing in that location
  • These Grasping Hands damage any trapped players with Crush, dealing moderate damage every three seconds for as long as the player is trapped.
  • A player trapped in this manner can still cast, but cannot move
  • Players must free trapped allies by killing the Grasping Hands quickly
  • If a targeted player moves to avoid the ground ripple, a large red rune will appear on the ground where that player had been standing when the Grasping Hand cast finished; any players walking into this rune will trigger a Grasping Hand to Crush them

Agitate causes the nearby Runic Pool to splash
Note that players currently being Crushed by a Grasping Hand are not immune to ground-based sources of damage such as Agitate or Residual Shadows. It is important to free players quickly to prevent deaths to these unrelated mechanics.

Both Sovokk and Morkronn will target the tanks with additional abilities similar to those found in the Kormrok fight:
  • Sovokk, who stands in the Shadow Energy pool, will cast Swat on the current tank, just as Kormrok will when empowered by Shadow Energy
  • Swat deals heavy damage and knocks the tank back a long distance; the tank will take additional Impactdamage when landing
  • Impact deals less damage the further the tank moves, so tanks should face Sovokk away from any nearby walls
  • The other tank should taunt Sovokk when Swat occurs
  • Morkronn, who stands in the Explosive Energy pool, will cast Localized Explosion on the current tank, similar to Kormrok's Explosive Burst mechanic when empowered by Explosive Energy
  • The affected tank is rooted in place and will explode after 10 seconds, dealing heavy fire damage to all raid members within 40 yards
  • The off-tank should taunt Morkronn when this occurs, and drag Morkronn away from the rooted tank
  • The rest of the raid should run away from the rooted tank until the explosion occurs

Spread out with Primal Energies
Additionally, Sovokk and Morkronn will both Agitate the Runic Pools they are standing near, causing some of the energy to splash onto the ground and deal heavy damage to players who stand in the impact zone. Players should move away from the splash zone to avoid taking this damage.

Fel Extractors deal melee damage to tanks, and will periodically cast Primal Energies on up to four players.
  • Primal Energies ticks for moderate Nature damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds
  • Each time Primal Energies ticks on a target, players within 5 yards of that target will also take the damage
  • Targeted players should move away from nearby allies to avoid splashing damage onto the raid
  • Fel Extractors cannot be conventionally interrupted during the Primal Energies channel, but stuns, incapacitates, knock-backs, and other similar effects will break the channel

Move carefully with Residual Shadows
Shadow Infusers deal melee damage to tanks, and will periodically cast Residual Shadows on a random player.
  • Residual Shadows deals moderate Shadow damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds
  • Each time it ticks on the player, a pool of Residual Shadows forms under the player's current location
  • Standing in the pool will deal moderate Shadow damage every second
  • Players affected by Residual Shadows should run away from the raid to drop the first pool, and try to drop all subsequent pools nearby to take up less space
  • Note that, although the affected player has an icon over their head resembling the Fear icon, the player is not actually feared; targeted players retain full control of their character
  • Shadow Infusers cannot be conventionally interrupted during the Residual Shadows channel, but stuns, incapacitates, knock-backs, and other similar effects will break the channel

Stack on Focused Fire
Fiery Enkindlers deal melee damage to tanks, and will periodically cast Focused Fire on a random player.
  • Focused Fire causes the targeted player to erupt every 3 seconds for 12 seconds
  • Each eruption deals a very heavy amount of Fire damage, evenly split amongst all allies within 5 yards
  • Taking a Focused Fire tick alone will almost always result in death
  • All members of the raid not currently affected by Primal Energies, Grasping Hands, or Residual Shadows should stack on the targeted player to share the explosion damage
  • The Focused Fire graphics are more subtle than Primal Energies or Residual Shadows, so players should be vocal with their raid when affected
  • Fiery Enkindlers cannot be conventionally interrupted during the Focused Fire channel, but stuns, incapacitates, knock-backs, and other similar effects will break the channel
Players should avoid stepping into the Runic Pools, as they are likely to inflict fatal damage before the player can escape their effects.