Kris Zierhut on Class Changes

Goals: Strengthen class fantasies through immersion, distinctiveness between classes, and empowerment.
  • Example: Death Knight Runes - you can't push buttons you want to push when you want to push them. Now, one type of rune.
  • Example: Fury Warriors and chargers - when you push whirlwind, you aoe for several seconds. No more raging blow charges.
  • Example: Arcane charges are now a resource in addition to mana.
  • Example: New Arcane Mastery: Savant - increases how much mana you have.
Class distinction:
  • Example: Survival hunter is now a melee spec with their beast: abilities like harpoon, raptor strike mongoose bite, etc
  • Example: Discipline priest was too narrow - double down on atonement, it's now the core healing mechanic - you will mainly heal through damage.
  • Example: Subtlety rogues need better version of shadow dance as a passive - 20% chance for combo point to reenter stealth, and that stealth does not break on damage. Also - Shadow strike teleports rogue to target and does double ambush damage. "A true ninja" - HAT removed but replaced by fantasy-central things.
  • Example: Demonology Warlock are about summoning hordes of demons, buffing them, and sending them out. Not about metamorphosis anymore.
  • Example: Guardian Druid shouldn't be about dodge - now it's increased health, increased survivability, etc. No more dancing circus bear.
  • Example: Shadow Priests - related to Old Gods is a class fantasy with insanity. New Resource is insanity - no mana or orbs. Tap into the power of going insane, shadow form grows darker and darker and grow tentacles and turn into Void Form - this insanity is fleeting but slowly drains. Longer you stay in that form, the more damage.
Talent changes:
  • Fewer "theme" rows
  • Hundreds of new talents coming out, more than there's ever been in any previous expansion.