Legion Classes FAQ

We started out with our favorite class, rogues! What's the scoop with the Outlaw rogue
  • Outlaw is a completely new spec, and probably the biggest change next to petless hunters . Outlaw replaces combat, we feel it fits fantasy more.
  • These changes were controversial for the team and we are excited.
  • Other talents are getting more streamlined, we definitely want you right in the action
We wanted to know how will you keep long time players interested in Legion
  • We think there will be a lot of engagement for players through their artifact weapons and the traits associated with them.
  • The decisions are spaced out over a long period of time, which will keep people invested.
  • Filling out artifact tree isn't a month or two months and it also changes your playstyle.
How are talents changing
  • Changes to talents are, for example, no longer the same thing in one row i.e. a "cc" row. This means the concept of player agency is more important now, since the decisions will be more difficult.
  • We don't necessarily like that there's "the right choice" all the time.
  • "We always take this one or you're dumb" we really want it to be about what you want to do, not there being a wrong choice.
  • In addition: Across all the trees is a passive talent - in Legion we have more passive talents added.
  • For a player who doesn't want to add a huge amount of complexity with 5 new buttons they don't have to, they can always take the passives in order to focus on the core rotation.
  • People don't always want the new thing. It's about options.