Legion Dungeons FAQ

  • What is the incentive to do dungeons while leveling other than the story
  • The difference here is the scaling rewards so you might get an item higher than a quest reward at the same level.
  • We know they will get through leveling dungeons fast, so that's why we're putting a lot into endgame dungeons
Can you tell us about the new keystone system for dungeons
  • Inspired by Diablo 3 Rifts, and we were looking to CM evolution.
  • We want to make CMs a little different - less intimidating but also harder for those who are REALLY good at it.
  • Now, you can always get faster but in Legion it can always be a more difficult dungeon.
  • Keystones still being hugely figured out .
Are you trying to make keystone-type CMs an equal path to raiding
  • We are still working on this, we haven't tested this or gotten a feel for it. This is the goal.
  • This equivalence really does depend on your skill level, it effects the level of the loot you get.
  • We'd love to have people say "Why don't we run this one more time" to have a chance at a better item.
  • Of course, there is a fine line to avoid total RNG; this is what the harder CM levels are for.