Legion Outdoor Scaling

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How are you going to guarantee a cohesive story if everyone is doing the different zones at once
  • We are keeping it together by making EACH ZONE have it's own story within it, a strong story line that is completely contained.
  • For example, Valsharah -you will meet druids and figure out the corrupted world tree situation.
  • In all the zones: we do have the over arching story of the legion invasion - there is a pillar of creation in each zone to get so you can do them in any order but you'll have to find them all to complete the story.
  • You won't take anything away from the story experience by doing what you want to do first
Can we ever be moose tauren!
  • We're thinking about doing racial looks like that, we always want more customization, we're talking about it for sure.
What rewards will we get from outdoor scaling
  • The most important thing here is choice that rewards player agency immediately.
  • For example, in Wrath most people never made it to Icecrown, you were already 80! Now you don't have to skip the stuff you think is the coolest - you can do it first.
  • With scaling, the zone will always feel challenging, through level 100 to max level. Those little max level areas are gone (such as Ogri'la) and now we can use the whole
  • This is a huge win on the amount of content that can be generated at max level.