Legion Val'sharah Leveling Guides

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Val'sharah is located in the Northwestern part of the Broken Isles. Easily located by a large ominous tree that can be seen from a distance. Home of many druidic beings.

Val'sharah, a forest a plenty, green and lush. The druids sculpted this land as an image of the Emerald dream. For some, this is as close to the Dream as they can get. In Val'sharah something has gone very wrong. You will aid the druids as well as familiar dragonflight in helping to correct that which has gone horribly wrong. You will find yourself not only battling the Legion but even having to make some choices that will leave you torn and questioning if you did the right thing.

In Legion they are introducing dynamic questing. Essentially this means that the zone you are in levels with you or you level with the zone. No matter what level you are the zone will scale to you, the player. This means you are able to choose whatever zone you wish to quest in without worrying about out leveling the zone or having it become irrelevant to your level.

To start a zone all you need to do is venture to your Class Order Hall and open up the scouting map in your missions table and select the zone. From here you will be given a starter quest to go to Dalaran and then it will lead you to the zone.

There are many rewards you gain for completing a zone. Toys and Pets are unique to their zone, but something all zones do share is vast amount of Artifact Power. However the amount of Artifact Power you get through questing and hidden treasures varies a little bit.

Completing the Zone, ensures the max artifact power gained for that zone. If you would like to make sure you didn't miss out on any Questor's Glory check the list! This also ensures that you work towards Loremaster of Legion which unlocks an artifact skin!

The main questlines required for That's Val'sharah Folks! are:
  • Archdruid of the Vale
  • Archdruid of Lore
  • All Nightmare Long
  • Black Rook Hold
  • Archdruid of the Claw
  • Into the Nightmare
  • Bradensbrook
At max level, you can return to Val'sharah to complete World Quests.

  • Explore Val'sharah: Explore Val'sharah, required for Broken Isles Explorer
  • Treasures of Val'sharah: Discover 40 treasures in Val'sharah.
  • That's Val'sharah Folks!: Complete the Val'sharah storylines, required for Loremaster of Legion
  • Adventurer of Val'sharah: Defeat a number of rare spawns/elites in Val'sharah.
Val'sharah Toys:
  • Cursed Orb - Gaze into the dark glass.
  • Path of Elothir - Earned from Friendly Rep.
  • Legion Pocket Portal - Requires Revered Wardens Rep in order to find it.
  • Moonfeather Statue - Revered Rep.
  • (Item #130194) - Howl at the moon.
  • Tear of the Green Aspect -Summons the green Aspect.
  • Thistleleaf Branch - Look like a thistleleaf thorndancer.
  • Waywatcher's Boon - Turn into a moose.
  • Worn Doll - Creepy doll follows you.
Val'sharah Pets:
  • Ashmaw Cub
  • Pygmy Owl
  • Risen Saber Kitten
  • Fetid Waveling

In working through a zone, you do earn quite a bit of Reputation with the faction for that zone. For example Val'sharah rewards you with Reputation for the Dreamweavers. If you start fresh in this zone, you can finish the zone with honored reputation simply through questing. You will also complete the achievement for this zone which is needed later for when flying becomes available.

Treasure Hunting
When you become honored with the faction made for that zone, you can unlock a Treasure Map: Val'sharah from the quartermaster. This map will help you see hidden treasure boxes located in that zone that you may have missed while leveling.

Most treasures in Highmountain rewards Artifact Power items, Order Resources, Champion follower gear, and some vendor trash. This is different from Warlords treasures where each treasure had a unique reward.

Zone highlights for Val'sharah is learning quite a bit about Druids and Elune. As well as the Emerald Dream and the Emerald Nightmare. You will also learn a bit about where a particular Warden has gone off too and about Lord Ravencrest. The dungeons located in Val'sharah are Darkheart Thicket and Black Rook Hold. The Emerald Nightmare raid is also located here. The world bosses Humongris and Shar'thos.