Transmog 2.0

  • Transmog 2.0: help clean up your bank, increase customization, help your collection!
  • "The Wardrobe" - as soon as an item is bound to you, its appearance is unlocked into your collection.
  • Once you unlock it you can toss it, disenchant it.
  • Transmog is ACCOUNT WIDE.
  • New transmog UIs - with the models on your character.
  • Counts how many items in a slot you've unlocked with progrses bar.
  • Sometimes it's a pain to keep track of your looks so we've added "Outfits."
  • You can link the outfit to someone else and shows them basically a "shopping list."
  • When you log into Legion - you'll have every item in your bank, etc, added to this syte,
  • Also, every single quest will be found that you've ever done and and you get every quest reward unlocked - even the ones you didn't choose as a reward.
  • You can save different outfits per spec!
  • "Hidden" slots are now saved per outfit.
  • You can now hide shoulders
  • 3 new transmoggable slots - Weapon Enchants, Shirts, and Tabards!