Wow Shattrath City Location

Races Naaru
Blood elf
Government Theocracy
Ruler A'dal
Affiliation The Sha'tar
Location Western Terokkar Forest
Shattrath City, meaning "City of Light," is a large hub and sanctuary city in Outland. A former naaru temple, it is now inhabited by several factions. The center is run by the Sha'tar, who worship the spiritual being A'dal. The Aldor and the Scryers are two factions working with Shattrath against the Burning Legion, but feud with each other. The Aldor are a draenic priesthood working with the Sha'tar, while the Scyrers are a group of formerly-hostile blood elves that recently offered to aid Shattrath.

The Lower City is its own faction--it is comprised of war-torn refugees of all races. Profession trainers and vendors with unique recipes are located down here, as well as the World's End Tavern with a variety of colorful NPCs.


Under Blackhand's command, the Blackrock clan war machine invaded Shattrath by sea and drove out its draenei residents. The city was used as a staging ground to attack the Iron Horde's enemies in the region, as well as a dock and a point of congregation for Iron Horde troops. Blackhand's second-in-command, Orgrim Doomhammer, was also stationed there.

A combined force of heroes from Azeroth, draenei, and Frostwolves (including Durotan, Draka, Khadgar, Maraad, and Yrel) take part in the Battle for Shattrath, and assault the Iron Horde army from several points. Orgrim Doomhammer abandons the battle after witnessing the deaths of innocent draenei, though is immediately confronted and killed by Blackhand, who then does battle with Durotan, Maraad, and Yrel aboard his ship. Maraad is killed in the ensuing chaos, Yrel and Durotan work together to survive Blackhand's onslaught, and the pair escape with Khadgar's help. Though Shattrath was freed from the Iron Horde, Blackhand had also survived and fled the city.

Draenei returned to Shattrath following its liberation, though the treacherous former exarch Socrethar later usurped the city with the aid of the Burning Legion and the Sargerei. Heroes are sent there from their garrisons to combat the new threat.

With Auchindoun safe, Exarch Maladaar and Lady Liadrin travelled north to Shattrath to deal with Socrethar and the Legion and relieve the city. Joining forces with the Sha'tari Defense, the Auchenai and the Sunsworn now seek to retake Shattrath completely.