Xhul'horac Legendary Ring Effects

It is unclear how the DPS legendary ring effect will function with the duplicated damage dealt while Vanguard Akkelion or Omnus are alive. Players should use the ring to assist in burning through these adds quickly, and be sure that it is available during the Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp use in the final phase of the encounter.
The healer legendary ring effect should be used during Omnus' Black Hole, during any planned Shadowfel Annihilation, and during the Overwhelming Chaos at the end of the encounter.
The tank legendary ring effect should be used to survive the heavy tank damage that occurs when Vanguard Akkelion is using Felblaze Flurry, when Omnus is channeling Withering Gaze, or during the extremely high tank damage of phases 3 and 4.
Looking For Raid Difficulty
In Looking For Raid difficulty, the Wild Pyromaniacs and Unstable Voidfiends do not spawn, which significantly reduces the amount of coordination required to complete the encounter.
Additionally, triggering a Shadowfel Annihilation no longer causes the triggering player to take increased damage from subsequent Shadowfel Annihilations.