Xhul'horac Notable Trash Mobs

Players must defeat the Fel Lord Zakuun trash to reach the Felborne Breach; see the Fel Lord Zakuun guide for more details.

In the Felborne Breach, players will encounter Weaponlord Mehlkhior, infused with Fel power, and Voidscribe Aathalos, infused with Void power. The two enemies will pull together.

Weaponlord Mehlkhior attacks the tank with Felblood Strike and will periodically cast Demonic Leap.

  • Felblood Strike is applied every 3-4 seconds and has no duration
  • Each stack increases the tank's damage by 10%
  • At 10 stacks of Felblood Strike, the debuff morphs into Felblood Corruption, removing all Felblood Strike stacks
  • After 10 seconds, Felblood Corruption will expire, dealing heavy damage to players within 20 yards of the player
  • When the current tank reaches 10 stacks of Felblood Strike, the other tank should taunt Weaponlord Mehlkhior, and the tank with Felblood Corruption should run out of the raid
  • Mehlkhior will use Demonic Leap on distant targets, dealing heavy damage and stunning any players nearby when he lands
  • Immediately thereafter, Mehlkhior casts Leeching Whirl, which deals heavy damage to players within 3 yards and heals Mehlkhior for a portion of the damage dealt
Voidscribe Aathalos will cast Shadow Bolt and Void Glare, and at low health will begin to trigger a Catastrophic Collapse.
  • Shadow Bolt targets random players, and can be interrupted
  • Void Glare chooses a random ranged target and bounces to other targets within 5 yards, dealing increased damage with each bounce
  • Ranged DPS and healers should stay spread out to avoid chaining Void Glare
  • Catastrophic Collapse will suck players toward Voidscribe Aathalos, and after 10 seconds, he will erupt, dealing very heavy damage to players within 10 yards
  • Voidscribe Aathalos must be killed by players before the Catastrophic Collapse cast finishes
The raid should kill Weaponlord Mehlkhior first, so that when Voidscribe Aathalos begins to cast Catastrophic Collapse all DPS can focus on killing Aathalos quickly.