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Farming FFXIV Gil tips from Reddit

What are the best ways for making Gil in FFXIV? I have learned a lot of experiences from Reddit and got millions of Gils. There really is no get rich quick plans in the game. Anything that’s easy and takes no effort, everyone can do, and thus has a little reward. However, it’s not hard to make huge quantities of Gil in this game if you’re prepared to invest your time and your effort, and if you have reached the endgame and permanently have less than 20k Gil.

(1) Roulettes

The roulette offers a daily reward that gives the players a combination of experience, Grand Company Seals, Cracked Clusters, Mhachi Matter, and Gil. It can make anywhere from 5k to 1m Gil per run if you are lucky and depending on your servers. To make the higher end farm dungeon drops that sell for large one your server. Also, try getting drops from higher-end dungeons that are used to make the “Newest” items/barding.

From my experience, one of the easiest and fastest ways to make Gil is to level a tank job to 60 and just run leveling roulettes for cracked clusters for Grade 6 materia and sell them, it’s basically 90,000+ Gil per dungeon.

(2) The Market board

Craft high-quality gear and then go to the market and sell it on the market. Undercut your competition by making your prices better and more reasonable. Market crafting materials on the board slightly higher than shop price. players will more than likely buy what you have to offer.

When you sell stuff on the market board, your retainer stores the gil from the sale. To get the money you got from your sale, see the gill exchange option with the retainer that sold the item at a summoning bell.

(3) Ventures

Send them on ventures and sell what they bring back. It’s as simple as that. WHAT to send them after is up to you to find out based on your server’s market. I’ve personally had the most luck with quick ventures. Sometimes they’ll bring you back a 1gil fish…sometimes they’ll bring you back housing walls or dyeable carpets worth millions.

(4) Hunt and gathering

Gathering can make the most money. Need your gathering retainers at 70 and just hunt for materials.

Try and find an active linkshell that calls out hunts. 4.0’s hunts have a chance of dropping a cracked cluster, which can be traded in for level VI materia. That’s a great way to earn Gil as high-end materia usually sells for a decent amount.

Alternatively, go treasure hunting. Dragonskin maps for level 60+ parties, and Gazelleskin maps for level 70. Without DoL classes, you won’t be able to gather your own, but you can buy them off others, or just join parties that people are making, explain that you don’t have a map of your own, and don’t roll on loot from other peoples’ maps. Each treasure chest gives, at minimum, 3k Gil or so, and it only goes up from there.

(5) Challenge Log

The Challenge Log contains a list of adventuring objectives across a wide range of categories. Completing any one of these objectives will earn you rewards such as Gil and experience. Additional rewards can be earned for overall completion of the challenge log. Challenges can be performed on a weekly basis.

Don’t bother trying to do everything on it. Pick out a few of the easier things to do each week as you can get a bit of Gil that way too. It can get you 50k~ Gil per week.

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(7) Leveling up your character

There is really another best way to make a steady amount of Gil efficiently – and that’s to spend hours and hours leveling up your crafting and gathering classes.

Level your retainers to 70 and send them on the hourly expeditions. They have a fairly good chance of bringing you back something worth millions. I would advise if you only have 2 retainers, having 1 that’s a botanist and 1 that’s a miner.

(8) Re-selling items

Some items like Cotton bolls, or wall paper , and paintings can be bought and resold for 10-100x the original cost. ARR beast tribes that are levelled are a good source of resellable items. Also try reselling crafting / gathering gear bought from a NPC.

(9) Farming mats/skins

Aldgoat/Gigantoad/Boar hides all sell fairly well usually from 500-5k each depending on server. As a max level character you can get a stack of aldgoat in roughly 20 minutes.

(10) Grand Company Seals

Company Seals is a special currency that allows the player to purchase items unique to Grand Companies. Players can obtain these seals by completing Grand Company Hunting Log, FATEs, Duty Roulette, certain quests, Grand Company Leves and expert and provision missions. I make 1 million+ a day just from selling glamour prisms alone.

(11) Play the market

This takes virtually no effort but a lot of time. Sit about the marketboard and browse for things that have been listed far too low. Buy them then relist for a much higher price. You can even quite regularly find things that people have listed for lower than the price of selling them to a merchant, which is easy gil. Do remember how the taxation on the MB works though. If you’re buying stuff and the taxation is high, it will be much cheaper just to teleport to the city it’s listed in and buy it there as you pay no tax on purchases made in the same city the item is listed in.

(12) Selling items

Selling items from Eureka, PotD, Retainer Ventures, Airships/Submarines/Gardening (if you have an FC and access)…

Selling items from tradable like Cracked Crystals, clusters and Mhachi Matter from dungeons, raids, and roulettes…

(13) Check your spending!

Are you buying shit you don’t need? Are you buying stuff from the MB that’s actually sold by merchants cheaper? Are you buying the stuff you don’t actually need and instead stuff you just like the look of because it looks “cool”? Could you instead just gather and craft the stuff yourself?

(14) Just enjoy it

Just play the game in a way you enjoy it really. Gil comes in many ways and as long as you don’t regularly toss them away, and you will be going up.

Reddit opinion: Do Gil buyers/sellers actually get banned in FFXIV?

Gil sellers are punished far more often than the Gil buyers. Most of the numbers you see released on an MMOs RMT ban wave are the sellers, not buyers. Although buyers do get caught periodically, of course.

It’s not against the ToS to give somebody a massive amount of Gil. Therefore, they usually don’t do anything right when it happens. They can track it back and find clear connections when the sellers get banned. However, more often than not they’d just as soon let the person keep paying their monthly subscription than to lose the money by banning them.

A lot of MMOs usually go about it in this manner. WoW used to release numbers like this and numerous people been sued with openly bought wow gold and not one of them ever saw punishment. Now WoW doesn’t even release the number of RMT bans anymore. I honestly think they just don’t care about anymore.

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