WoW Classic Gold Tip: Get professional as early as possible

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Not everything you pick up from the enemy is just rubbish. Some of them are very useful. When you arrive at the main cities (orgrima, Stormwind, thunder cliff, etc.), please find a professional trainer to work. Learning to trade costs some cash, but like a leather bag, it is self financing.

We recommend hiring at least one party professional. It would be herbal, mining or skinning. You can work in two careers, so try pairing your party career with your craft career. For example, by combining “skinning” with “leather processing”, you can feed new fur into the handicraft industry from your aggregation specialty.

In later games, handicraft is very useful, but it is also a powerful tool to make money. Not only can you sell more powerful items to other players on a lucrative day, but you can also sell materials or weaker items to hotel owners. If you skin a raptor and turn it into shoes, the sales of shoes will exceed that of leather, and hand-made leather will take your leatherworking process to a higher level.

This is an endless cycle, you should jump in as soon as possible.

Note: you may also find some professional trainers in small towns on your way to big cities. This can help you get professional earlier. So when you get to a new location, check each NPC.

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