Raising your alchemy skill to 375

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Master Alchemy
Master Alchemy (maximum skill 375) is learned from trainers in Outland:
  • Horde players should seek out Apothecary Antonivich (Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula), Lauranna Thar'well (Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh), Zarevhi (Stormspire, Netherstorm), or Lorokeem (Shattrath City).
  • Alliance players need to find Alchemist Gribble (Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula), Lauranna Thar'well (Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh), Zarevhi (Stormspire, Netherstorm), or Lorokeem (Shattrath City)

Outland: Raising your alchemy skill to 375
There are many ways to go about leveling your skill from 300 to 375 in terms of what you can make. Highlander from EU-Terenas recommends progressing as follows: Volatile Healing Potion, Sneaking Potion, Super Healing Potion, then finally Major Dreamless Sleep Potion.

Through the process of transmutation, alchemists can convert certain raw materials into other types of materials. These are most commonly items used in tradeskills, such as essences and metals. Essences can be found as drops from elementals in Azeroth, such as the air and earth elementals in Silithus and the fire elementals in Un'goro Crater. Alchemists can also transmute one type of precious metal, such as gold, mithril, and truesilver, into one of the next higher quality. Transmutation requires a Philosopher's Stone, which is created by the alchemist. Transmuting also carries a cooldown, which can range from 24 hours to 4 days, during which no other item can be transmuted by the alchemist.

New in Outland are high-level materials for professions called primals. Similar to essences, primals come in elemental varieties such as Primal Water, Fire, and Earth, as well as new varieties such as Mana and Might. Like essences, alchemists can transmute one variety of primals to another, such as Primal Earth to Life. These various transmutes are learned from formulas that you can purchase from trainers, obtain as reputation rewards, or find as drops from monsters. Alchemists can also transmute high level gems as well, such as the rare Earthstorm Diamond and Skyfire Diamond which are both highly sought after in jewelcrafting. Many high-level crafting recipes from all professions require various primals.

At the highest skill levels, master alchemists can select a specialization in one of three areas: Transmuting, Potions, and Elixirs. A specialist in one of these areas has a chance of creating additional finished products when practicing their craft. For example, a master of potions has a chance of creating more than one potion for the same materials.

To become a specialist, you must be at least level 68 with at least 345 skill in alchemy. To become a master of potions, seek out Lauranna Thar'well in Cenarion Refuge, Zangarmarsh. For the master of elixirs, go to Lorokeem in Shattrath City. Finally, Zarevhi, the trainer of master transmutation, resides in Stormspire, Netherstorm.

You can now unspecialize in alchemy and then select a new specialization. This is a repeatable choice, but costs gold each time.

Elixir Categories
Elixirs now stack in two categories, Battle (Offensive) and Guardian (Defensive) Elixirs. You can only have one of each type of Elixir up at a time. As a result Elixirs now stack with class abilities such as Arcane Intellect.

Elixirs stack to 20.

Other Random Information

  • New cauldron recipes can be discovered when making most major protection potions. Cauldrons can provide an entire raid with a major protection potion.
  • Flasks are potions that can grant very powerful buffs that last through death and are very important for Raiding.
  • Alchemists can create powerful resistance potions that are useful in dungeons and raids.
  • Alchemists can transmute Arcanite and sell it or sell the use of the transmute to other players
  • Alchemists can also transmute metals
  • Alchemy buffs only sometimes stack with spell buffs.
  • Expert Alchemy requires 125 skill
  • There are alchemy labs that are needed by alchemists to make flasks inside of Blackwing Lair and Scholomance. There is also one in Shattrath City.
  • Patch 2.3.0 Added a potion to alchemy trainers: Mad Alchemist's Potion. This potion requires Alchemy to consume.