Sons of Hodir Reputation Guide

I finally hit level 80 and was wondering how I can become exalted with the Sons of Hodir faction.

First off grats on hitting level 80! That’s always a great accomplishment. Before we get started on working towards exalted you must make sure that you have completed the quest chain first that will get you to Neutral with the Sons of Hodir. This quest chain starts at K3 in Storm Peaks and the first quest in the chain is called “They Took Our Men!”. This specific quest chain is pretty long but well worth it.

After completing the quest chain you will more than likely be sitting at Friendly with the Sons of Hodir. Also want to keep in mind that you can also turn in Everfrost Chips for 350 rep per turn in. Personally, I haven’t seen but just about 3 of these so I wouldn’t bank the entire rep grind to them but they can add some extra reputation while you are busy doing all the daily quests.

Friendly to Honored

There are 3 daily quests that you can do to get from Friendly to Honored which are all located in the Sons of Hodir town, Dun Niffelem:

  • Polishing The Helm (250 rep)
  • Hot and Cold (250 rep)
  • Blowing Hodir’s Horn (250 rep)

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Honored to Revered

Once you hit Honored there will be 2 more additional daily quests that you can do and once again they are all located in Dun Niffelem:

  • Spy Hunter (350 rep)
  • Thrusting Hodir’s Spear (500 rep) – This one is also my personal favorite daily quest in WotLK. 

Revered to Exalted

At Revered you will also get 1 additional daily quest that you can do:

  • Feeding Arngrim (250 rep)

That’s it, just a lot of daily quests and Everfrost Chip turn-ins if you can find them.

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