Legion Artifact Weapons List

Cosmetic Class Accessories and Armor Sets
  • In Legion, there will be less mirroring, symmetrical armor sets, and sets that use the same few 3D shapes we have seen forever.
  • There will be asymmetrical armor and custom 3D shapes on things like gloves and chests.
  • Only a fraction of the ideas from the Cosmetic Class Accessories blog made it into Legion. The rest is on hold for now.
  • After the team posted the blog, they started talking about Legion and Artifacts and how it would impact this idea. They were able to use some of the ideas for Artifacts or part of Artifacts.
  • What we have seen so far in Legion is about as far as the cosmetic class accessories will go for the Artifact portion of it.
  • There is still a lot of opportunity for the other cosmetic accessories that are less obvious choices than librams and quivers, such as accessories for Rogues.
  • In the future, rather than just giving every class a cosmetic accessory, the team will build on the theme of the set. If a Rogue set would work really well with poison vials, the team may add the poison vials to the set belt.
  • The original approach felt too formulaic and hacked on. They talked about adding a few different variations of the accessory you could earn, but it didn't feel great.

Artifact Weapons
  • The fishing artifact is already implemented and in the game, so you should be able to earn it once Legion releases.
  • The artifact skins that aren't in the UI yet don't have final sources yet. They will probably be rewarded from achievements somehow, likely tied to new content as it is released.
  • The team is still in the process of figuring out what is working about the current artifact unlock sources and what isn't. Whatever works will inform the decisions on how future skins are unlocked.
  • We might see more Artifact skins in later legion patches depending on how the initial set of skins is received.
  • The artists have a guideline of time they can spend on a weapon model based on the rarity, with an epic weapon taking something like three days.
  • Most of the artifacts with one skin took around four days, with a couple hours for each color variation after that.
  • The team initially thought doing artifacts would be great! Rather than creating tons of weapon models they would just have to do a few weapons per class and some color variants.
  • As the Artifact Weapon system was actually implemented, they realized a few weapons per class wouldn't work, they would have to weapons for each spec.
  • After that they realized they would need multiple models and colors per spec.
  • This ended up not saving them any time at all, probably costing some. It did allow them to really focus on each weapon and put lots of love and care into each one.
  • Normally the team builds a weapon and moves on, but doing Artifacts allowed them to respond to player feedback, going back and adjusting color or theme to get things right.
  • People have a fondness for the Vanilla armor sets. Those sets aren't very visually complex and didn't have high quality textures, but players became accustomed to wearing their set for a long time.
  • You will have your Artifact for the entire expansion, so hopefully you will enjoy seeing it and the variations you can unlock. When you look back at Mists of Pandaria, do you remember the many weapons you had over the expansion

  • There are profession quest lines for every profession in the game, starting at level 100 and going through 110.
  • There is more content in Legion for professions than there has been in a long time.
  • It isn't time-gated content like we had in Warlords.
  • The hope for Warlords was to allow more people to keep up with their professions, as you wouldn't have to work on professions all of the time. It turns out there are people that want to do professions all of the time and those people didn't have stuff to do or stuff to sell, because everyone was able to do it.
  • In Legion, professions are geared more towards the players that really love getting invested in professions.

Class Trials
  • The team got a lot of feedback from players that would use a Character Boost and then realize that they didn't really like that class the best.
  • A boost is an expensive investment, so the team wanted to give players the opportunity to try before they buy.
  • You can try a character out and play through the Broken Shore, Artifact acquisition, and your starting up your Order Hall during the trial.
  • If you like it, you can use a boost to unlock it and make it a permanent character.