Wow Ironforge Airfield How To Get There

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The Ironforge Airfield[1] (formerly known as the Dun Morogh airfield[2], or the Airstrip[3] among other things back when it had no name in World of Warcraft itself) is an airfield located in a high mountain valley northeast of the dwarven capital city of Ironforge. It has two landing strips, and several gnome pilots are there standing next to their planes or tinkering with them. Around the airfield, there are a series of dwarven buildings and structures. Mountaineers from Ironforge patrol the area, and some members of the Stormpike Guard can be found here too. North of the airfield there is a gryphon roost, but it is inactive and does not offer a flight path. Further north, near the Wetlands, there is a crashed gnome plane along with some bones.

how to get there

South of the airfield there is a small area with three tanks. Some Gnomeregan Evacuees have found a way out of their irradiated city, a lone pet trainer offers her service to hunters, and some gnomes and dwarves are dancing in the snow. Here is a big tower with a sealed entrance to a tunnel which is similar to the tunnel in North Gate Pass. The tunnel continues back the same distance as the others located around Dun Morogh, at an upward incline. When it reaches its peak, it drops off into midair. If enough distance from this jump point can be gained then it is possible to land in theDeeprun Tram of Ironforge. However, no other player-characters have been observed via this method, although NPCs are present. In addition, the portal between the Tram and Tinkertown does not function when reached via this method, and instead players pass straight through without pause.

In the same valley there exists a frozen lake to the south of the airstrip. The southwestern tip of this lake has a cave from which Frostmane trolls skirmish with Ironforge dwarves on the lake itself. A few more trolls can be found by a cave northwest of the summit with the flag.

There is also a black bear mother watching over her offspring northwest of the gryphon roost just by a waterfall.

By walking around the mountain over Ironforge, a camp with two members of the Seasoned Coldmine Explorers (members of the Stormpike Guard), a cave occupied by Frostmane Trolls, and an empty dwarven camp can be reached.

The whole area has not been fully developed, and it is easily visible that it was not meant to be visited by players in its current state. The guards and mountaineers give you directions to locations in Kharanos or Ironforge, and the gnomish pilots have the texts of the Mirage Raceway where gnomes race against goblins. The buildings and tunnels have either closed doors or walls in front of them, and some graphic glitches can be found.


The Airfield and lake are immediately visible on the map of Dun Morogh for new players, leading many to wonder how to get there.

A quest chain for the Airfield begins at Gol'Bolar Quarry in Dun Morogh, using Mathel's Flying Machine for transport. This is not a flight path, and there are no repeat trips available.

The Airfield was accessible by death knights when Wrath of the Lich King first came out. There was a server side patch that prevented death knights from accessing this area soon after it was released.

The Airfield is actually still accessible by anyone with Slow Fall, Levitate or a Parachute Cloak; high-level Engineers also have the option of Tinkering their cloak into possessing the parachute ability. Travelling up toward the graveyard and levitating/slow falling/parachuting along the sides of the cliff should provide height enough to actually climb the mountain to get to the Airfield.

There is also a way to get to the airfield by going to Loch Modan and going to the North Gate Pass but before going in, go behind the tree to the right of the gate and try to climb up the gap in the hills (make sure you are not using a mount get in this gap). It takes a while to get up but once you do you can start finding you way around. It is possible to do this from level 1 but it is not recommended as it will take a large amount of time

The easiest (lowest-level/Horde-friendly) method may not have been available until after the Cataclysm when New Tinkertown was built. Behind the Armory next to the town there is a gentle terraced slope heading toward Ironforge Mountain. Presuming the Gates of Ironforge are at 6 o'clock, the slope will intersect the mountain itself at around 7:30. Proceed clockwise; there are settlers and guards roaming the snowfields, and one group has a sled. Follow around to the 'back' of the mountain; there should be no need for any extraordinary access measures unless going in the wrong direction. After passing over the shoulder of the mountain, the decline comes out next to the small tent where the Flying Machine lands, at the end of the runway. A return to New Tinkertown or the Gates is just as easy.